5 Indian Artificial Jewellery To Wear This Diwali

While clothes are important, it's the magnificent Indian artificial jewellery  that makes a statement about your Diwali style. During the post, we will examine five gorgeous pieces of faux jewellery from India that you may wear during Diwali to make a statement. These must-have accessories are available in a beautiful selection at Attrangi, your go-to online jeweller with a presence in India, to round off your holiday look.

1. A Regal Affair with Kundan Necklace Sets

A classic that always stays in style, kundan jewellery. Kundan sets, distinguished by their elaborate and beautiful design, are excellent for giving your Diwali apparel a touch of majesty. Uncut gemstones are frequently placed in gold or silver foil in kundan necklaces. These necklaces and earrings are a full set that you may use to accessorise.

For Diwali, consider purchasing Kundan necklace sets with vivid, opulent jewels like emeralds, rubies, or sapphires. These accessories not only go well with traditional Indian attire like sarees and lehengas, but they also give your appearance a hint of grandeur. Pair them with a traditional updo to ensure everyone's attention is on your magnificent Kundan jewellery.

2. Divine Elegance in Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is the epitome of divine beauty and elegance and is inspired by the beautiful artwork seen in Indian temples. Use temple jewellery to embrace your inner goddess this Diwali. These frequently consist of waistbands, necklaces, earrings, and bangles.

For a Diwali style, select a spectacular temple necklace with complex embellishments of gods, peacocks, and other traditional designs. These items frequently have antique gold finishes, which blend well with the warm, joyous hues of Diwali clothing. Temple jewellery ties you with India's rich cultural past while improving your look.

India nartificial Jewellery

3. Jhumka Earrings: Classic Appeal

Without a set of magnificent jhumka earrings, no Indian festival outfit is complete. For generations, jhumkas have stood for Indian culture and allure. They have a classic bell- or conical-shaped pendant that gently dangles and makes a beautiful tinkling sound with every movement.

Choose jhumka earrings that exhibit fine craftsmanship for Diwali, frequently with filigree work, enamel accents, and inlaid stones. Whether you choose delicate patterns or big statement jhumkas, they adroitly provide a touch of elegance to every piece of clothing. Jhumkas look stunning with traditional clothing like sarees, Anarkali suits, or fusion ensembles.

4. Meenakari and Polki Bangles: A Colourful Accent

A pair of Polki or Meenakari bangles are the perfect accessory to give your Diwali outfit a brilliant pop of colour. These bangles are a stunning accessory because of their beautiful enamel work and uncut diamonds.

Consider stacking a set of Meenakari and Polki bangles on one wrist for Diwali to create a magnificent contrast with your attire. During the celebrations, the bright colours and glistening diamonds will catch the light and make you the centre of attention. These Indian artificial jewellery will offer that finishing touch of traditional charm whether you're wearing a modern lehenga or a classic silk saree.

5. The Royal Forehead Ornament, Maang Tikka

Indian Artificial Jewellery

For Indian ladies, a Maang Tikka is an essential piece of jewellery for special events. It's a lovely forehead decoration that gives your appearance more regal appeal. Maang Tikkas are available in various styles, from minimalist and beautiful to ornate and intricate.

Choose a Maang Tikka for Diwali with fine detailing and inlaid jewells that go with the colour scheme of your attire. The Maang Tikka draws attention to your facial features and represents the very best of grace and tradition. It adds a touch of classic charm to your Diwali outfit and works well with updos and flowing hairstyles.

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Unquestionably, women like jewellery, and Diwali is a perfect chance for them to show off their favourite pieces. Here are some jewellery ideas for different Diwali celebrations:

Diwali Pooja:

Traditional and exquisite jewellery is the ideal choice for the Diwali puja. Consider:

  • Gold or Kundan Necklace: To add a touch of traditional charm to your ensemble, choose a classic gold necklace or a Kundan necklace with elaborate motifs and a focal pendant. These necklaces look stunning with sarees and Anarkali outfits.
  • Polki Earrings: It may offer a sense of richness when adorned with uncut diamonds and coloured gemstones. They are ideal for the auspicious celebration of Diwali and go nicely with traditional clothing.

Diwali Celebration: 

You may wear a combination of traditional and modern jewellery to a Diwali celebration.

  • Statement Earrings: Choose chandbalis or jhumkas with elaborate designs for your statement earrings if you want to make a statement. Whether you're wearing a lehenga or a fusion dress, these may give it a festive touch.
  • Mangtikka: The Maang Tikka Your appearance may be improved, and a maang tikka can highlight your classic elegance. Consider one with a contemporary twist or a traditional style, depending on your attire.

Workplace Diwali Celebration

It would be best if you balanced being formal and having fun at a workplace Diwali celebration. 

  • Small-scale Jewellery: Choose delicate necklaces, stud earrings, or plain bangles to keep your jewellery basic. These decorations give a festive touch without being over the top for an office environment.
  • Office-appropriate Bracelets: Think about wearing a fashionable watch with a couple of stackable bracelets or bangles. This pairing is both stylish and appropriate.

Diwali Dinner with Friends

You can play with your jewellery for a laid-back Diwali Dinner with friends.

  • Stacking: Wear layered necklaces, stackable bracelets, and big hoops for a boho-chic appearance. This contemporary look is ideal for a casual meal with friends.
  • Statement Neckpeice: Make a statement with daring, beautiful jewellery, such as a hefty cocktail ring or a striking collar necklace. These go well with both fashionable western and fusion attire.
  • Gemstones: Choose jewellery with colourful gemstones that match your attire or embody the joyful nature of Diwali. Choosing gemstone earrings or a pendant is wise.

Always remember that considering your unique style, the event's formality and the attire you want to wear is the key to selecting the appropriate jewellery for any occasion. Indian artificial Jewellery may be the ideal final touch to make you feel special and festive during the Diwali celebrations, whether you choose something traditional, modern, or a combination.

It's time to prepare for a celebration of lights, love, and fashion as Diwali draws near. Indian faux jewellery is essential for boosting your festive appearance. During the festivities, these accessories—from Kundan necklace sets to temple jewellery, jhumka earrings, Polki and Meenakari bangles, and Maang Tikkas—are guaranteed to help you exude grace and allure.

Attrangi, your dependable online jeweller headquartered in India, recognises the significance of selecting the ideal jewellery to finish your Diwali outfit. To ensure you sparkle throughout the Festival of Lights, we offer a carefully picked variety of these stunning Indian artificial jewellery pieces. So, decorate yourself with the finest jewels India offers to make this Diwali an occasion to remember. Shop with us right now to gracefully and glamorously celebrate Diwali!