Artificial Jewellery Pieces that Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone Loves

Deepika Padukone, the embodiment of beauty and talent in Bollywood, is appreciated not only for her acting abilities but also for her flawless sense of style. Deepika is a true fashion star who likes to wear jewellery that enhances her beauty, whether on the red carpet or in everyday life. While she has access to a treasure trove of fine and priceless jewellery, it is her fondness for artificial pieces available to all, including Artificial golden bracelet, that genuinely catches our hearts. We encourage you to discover the sparkling world of artificial jewellery that Deepika Padukone adores in this post. We'll take you on a tour through the magnificent adornments that define her remarkable taste, from her favourite jhumka earrings to striking necklaces that make a statement.

1. Stunning Jhumka Earrings

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Deepika Padukone's jewellery selection has traditionally included jhumka earrings. These classic Indian earrings, distinguished by their bell-shaped form, are a timeless and adaptable item that can be worn with various outfits. Deepika's obsession with jhumka earrings knows no bounds, as she wears them with traditional sarees, modern clothes, and everything in between.

  • Classic Gold Jhumkas: Deepika regularly impresses us with her presence while wearing classic gold jhumkas. These earrings ooze classic elegance, complementing traditional wear like sarees and lehengas.
  • Contemporary Designs: Deepika's appreciation for creativity shines through in her choices of trendy jhumkas, as well as in her collection of artificial jewellery pendant sets. She frequently chooses contemporary designs with unusual patterns, colourful enamel work, and gorgeous gemstone accents to bring a modern edge to her clothes.

2. Necklaces with a Statement

Deepika's artificial jewellery line comprises an astonishing assortment of dramatic necklaces that consistently steal the show. Statement necklaces are distinguished by their elaborate designs, vibrant jewels, and precise craftsmanship, leaving an everlasting imprint on every outfit.

  • Chunkey Color Necklaces: Deepika efficiently improves her appeal by wearing massive collar necklaces on numerous occasions. These eye-catching pieces draw attention to her neckline and provide a touch of luxury to her overall look.

  • Layered Necklaces: Deepika's love of layered necklaces is another of her style secrets. She combines several-length necklaces, including Artificial Polki sets, allowing her to explore diverse textures, colours, and materials. As a result, the ensemble is both captivating and personalized.

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3. Maang Tikka Elegante

Her preference for the maang tikka perfectly reflects Deepika Padukone's enthusiasm for traditional Indian jewellery. This exquisite headgear, which Indian brides usually wear, gives a regal and cultural touch to her ensembles. Her maang tikka always makes a statement, whether a basic design or a more ornate piece.

  • Minimalistic Designs: Deepika frequently uses simple maang tikkas for a soft and understated style. These beautiful accessories complement her clothing without taking away from her innate beauty.

  • Statement Pieces: Deepika likes elaborate maang tikkas with intricate artistry, jewels, and enamel work for significant events. These huge tikkas improve her overall presence, transforming her into a sophisticated vision.

4. Multipurpose Bangle Sets

Deepika has a soft spot in her heart for bangles. She has a unique talent for creating magnificent stacks of bangles that complement her clothing perfectly. Her bangle collection includes everything from classic gold and silver designs to modern, colourful, and intricately patterned pieces, offering a wide range of options, including artificial golden bracelet for those who appreciate diverse and stylish jewellery choices.

  • Traditional Stacks: Deepika is like conventional gold or silver bangle stacking for traditional occasions. These classic pieces complement her ethnic costumes beautifully, providing a touch of tradition and elegance.

  • Contemporary Mixes: Deepika experiments with bangle stacking that integrates a variety of textures, materials, and colours on more modern occasions. This varied collection of bangles gives a whimsical yet sophisticated touch to her look.

5. Eye-Catching Nose Rings

Deepika's use of nose rings, commonly known as nathni or nath, with her modern look demonstrates her admiration for Indian culture and aesthetics. Her nose rings range from tiny nose pins to dramatic statement nose rings, offering an edgy layer to her overall style.

  • Subtle Nose Pins: Deepika frequently wears smaller and more modest nose pins that gracefully embellish her nose without overpowering her features. These pieces are ideal for day-to-day elegance.

  • Statement Nose Rings: For more opulent events, Deepika opts for statement nose rings with exquisite designs, jewels, and complicated patterns. These eye-catching nose rings are meant to stand out and accentuate her fashion-forward selections.

6. Delicate Anklets:

Anklets are a favourite of Deepika's, typically adorning her ankles with exquisite beauty. Her anklets come in various shapes and styles, providing a feminine and graceful touch to her overall outfit.

  • Single-Chain Anklets: Deepika frequently wears single-chain anklets that highlight her ankles without bringing too much attention to them. These anklets provide a touch of sophistication to a variety of ensembles.

  • Layered Anklets: Deepika layers many anklets to create a dramatic and fashionable look when she wants a more prominent anklet. Layering allows her to experiment with various materials, textures, and styles, resulting in a personalised and one-of-a-kind design.


Deepika Padukone's love of synthetic jewellery is not only a testament to her outstanding fashion sense but also an inspiration for fashion fans all around the world. Her ability to integrate traditional and contemporary aspects demonstrates her versatility. At Attrangi, we understand the fascination with artificial jewellery, including Indian necklaces online, which allows people to make a fashion statement without spending much money. Our collection will help you mimic Deepika Padukone's charm and elegance. Explore our extensive assortment of jhumka earrings, statement necklaces, maang tikkas, bangle sets, nose rings, and anklets, and let these magnificent items become a staple in your jewellery collection. You can embrace your inner diva, boost your style, and exude confidence and elegance like Deepika Padukone with our offers. Her love of artificial jewellery paved the way for a glamorous world, and now it's your turn to go through that door with style and grace.