Fashion Tips for Adding Indian Jewellery to Western Outfits

The fashion world is like a beautiful tapestry, with different lines of culture and ideas running through it. Both Western and Indian styles are special, but when they come together, they can make beautiful, one-of-a-kind looks. Adding a bit of exoticism, vibrancy, and cultural flair to your Western outfits with Indian jewellery set online is a great idea. But how do you begin? This guide will show you how to use beautiful Indian jewellery to combine East and West in a way that looks great.

How to Find the Right Balance

Remember that balance is important before you jump in. You do not want much Indian jewellery to look too much with your Western dress. These are some tips:

  • Go Subtle: Start with small pieces. Choose a pair of earrings that make a statement, a chain with a small pendant, or a stack of colourful naths.

  • Think about Proportions: Make sure that the size of your jewellery goes with what you're wearing. For bolder pieces, wear basic clothes, and the other way around.

  • Pay attention to Colour Coordination: Choose jewellery that goes with the colours in your outfit. In this case, wear gold jewellery with warm tones and silver jewellery with cool tones. Use colours that are very different to make a stronger statement.

  • Less is More: One or two pieces of Indian jewels should stand out. Put on only a few layers of different metals or styles.

Getting used to Different Styles

indian jewellery set online

Indian jewellery comes in many different styles, so you can find something that fits your Western style. Whether you're looking for intricate necklaces, statement earrings, or a traditional Nath online, there's a wide variety of options to complement and enhance your fashion ensemble.

  • For the Minimalist, thin gold chains with small beads, simple stud earrings, or sleek silver or gold bangles can add a touch of class without taking away from your overall look.
  • For Bohemian Chic, wear chunky necklaces, statement earrings, and many bangles made of silver or oxidised metal stacked on each other for a loose, layered look.
  • For the Vintage Lover: For people who love old things, look for filigree earrings, coin chains, or intricate bangles that look from the past to add a touch of classic charm.
  • For the Modern Fashionista: Try modern Indian jewellery with geometric forms, bright colours, or unusual materials

Putting Things Together

Nath Online

If you want to wear Indian jewellery with Western clothes, don't be shy about it. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Dress Up a Denim Outfit: Add a kundan necklace or jhumka earrings to a simple denim shirt and pants to make them look better.
  • Glam Up a Little Black Dress: Glam up a little black dress by adding sparkle with a gold choker or round earrings.
  • Add flair to a Maxi Dress: Wear a chunky silver necklace or a stack of colourful rings with a flowy maxi dress to make it look better.
  • Accessorise a Blazer: For a unique office look, pair a jacket with a statement kundan necklace or fancy earrings.

Accessorize Beyond the Obvious

People often choose naths, earrings, and bangles, but you might also be interested in these other types of Indian jewellery online:

  • Maang Tikkas: You can add an artistic touch to your look by wearing the traditional Maang Tikka on the side of your head or even in your hair.
  • Payals (Anklets): Payals or anklets: Beautiful anklets can add a bit of class and jingling charm to your shoes, especially when you wear them with dresses or skirts that flow out.
  • Bindi: A bindi is usually worn on the forehead, but it can also be worn as a small dot between your eyebrows or in other creative ways to add a touch of culture.

Remember that confidence is the best thing you can wear! Feel proud to wear your Indian jewellery, and let it show off your style. Don't be afraid to try new things and have fun!

Extra Advice:

Shop at reputable sources: Buy your jewellery from known jewellers or artisans to ensure it is real and of good quality.
Understand cultural significance: When wearing certain things, especially religious symbols, think about what they mean to you culturally and treat them with care.
Care for your jewellery: If you take good care of your Indian jewellery, it will stay beautiful for many years. Be careful when you store it, and clean it regularly as directed by the material.

Now equipped with these valuable insights, embark on a journey of cultural fusion, where you can showcase your unique style amidst the vibrant realm of Indian jewellery. Attrangi embraces the opportunity to explore new horizons, experiment with different elements, and let your inner fashionista radiate with an infusion of exotic charm. Whether adorning yourself with intricate gold designs, dazzling gemstones, or ornate beaded creations, Indian jewellery online offers a kaleidoscope of options to express individuality. Step outside your comfort zone, embrace diversity and revel in the rich tapestry of cultural influences. Let each piece you wear tell a story, reflecting your taste and appreciation for the beauty and craftsmanship of Indian adornments. So, dare to venture into the uncharted sartorial territory and watch your style transcend boundaries, effortlessly blending tradition with modern flair.