Top 10 Artificial Jewellery Brands in India

India is a varied and lively nation, and jewellery is deeply ingrained in its culture. While we all have a particular place in our hearts for traditional jewellery, artificial or fashion jewellery has become extremely popular because of its accessibility, adaptability, and modern styles. Attrangi is your go-to online shopping destination for excellent artificial jewellery to spruce up your style without going over budget. However, we'll check out some of top 10 artificial jewellery set online highlighting the numerous exquisite selections online.


To begin with, Attrangi is a premium online store for artificial jewellery. It is famous for its dedication to providing a varied and well-chosen selection of excellent jewellery pieces with fantastic colour contrasts. Attrangi provides jewellery to fit every taste and occasion, whether you're seeking striking necklaces, classy earrings, or fashionable bracelets.

2. Tanishq Mia

Tanishq Mia has become popular with women looking for chic and modern artificial jewellery. Their collections combine traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary designs, emphasising artistry and creativity and providing items ideal for various situations.

3. Voylla

The name Voylla is well-known in the artificial jewellery sector. They are renowned for offering a wide variety of jewellery that appeals to traditional and modern tastes. Voylla provides everything you need, whether you are seeking items with ethnic or Western influences.

4. Suhani Pittie

Jewellery designer Suhani Pittie is well known for her original and creative designs. Her company specialises in handcrafted jewellery with fine details, which turns each item into an artistic creation. You may wear several accessories, ranging from delicate earrings to bold necklaces.

5. Zaveri Pearls

A variety of synthetic jewellery that imitates the lustre and brilliance of genuine gems is available from Zaveri Pearls. Your regular ensembles or special events are sure to look glammed up with their reasonably priced yet stunning designs.

6. Pipa Bella

Pipa Bella is renowned for its chic and personalised jewellery lines. They provide an extensive range of stylish products emphasising adaptability and customisation, making it simple to express your style.

7. VelvetCase

An online portal called VelvetCase brings together diverse designers of artificial jewellery and offers a large selection of carefully chosen items. You may browse and select jewellery from various brands and designers on this market, guaranteeing you get something that matches your preferences.

8. Bluestone

Bluestone, best renowned for its authentic jewellery, has also entered the market for imitation jewellery. They apply the same expertise and quality to their artificial items, making them a desirable option for people looking for elegant and refined designs.

9. YouBella

YouBella is a company that specialises in producing quality artificial jewellery that is affordable without sacrificing design. They cater to a vast clientele and provide an astounding choice of styles, from classic to contemporary.

10. Jeweller PC

The artificial jewellery range from reputable PC Jeweller has a stylish collection of items perfectly encapsulating Indian culture and craft.

Why Should You Buy Artificial Jewellery from Attrangi?


Attrangi sets itself apart as an online jewellery store by recognising the constantly changing tastes of its customers globally. For your upcoming jewellery purchase, you should consider Attrangi for the following reasons:

Artificial jewellery, especially from renowned fancy artificial jewellery expresses luxury without avoiding the high cost, making it more affordable and enabling people to show off their particular fashion sense.

  • Affordability with Aesthetic Appeal

The affordability of artificial jewellery is one of its most alluring features. It enables people to experiment with different looks and fads without exceeding budget. Artificial jewellery doesn't sacrifice beauty for cost-effectiveness. Numerous businesses are committed to creating objects that emulate fine jewellery's elegance via detailed patterns and precise details. Elegant design strikes a balance between price and appeal.

  • Wide Variety of Designs

Artificial jewellery is praised for its adaptability and variety of styles. Many selections are available, whether you're seeking traditional and timeless items or striking modern trends. Designers create things that appeal to various preferences by drawing influence from diverse countries, eras, and art styles. Everybody may select jewellery that speaks to their sense of beauty because of the vast range available.

  • Flexibility in All Situations

Elegance is a daily decision, not just for formal or exceptional occasions. Artificial jewellery is flexible, enabling people to upgrade their fashion for any occasion or situation easily. Jewellery made of artificial materials may be worn for various events, from subtle, discreet pieces for the workplace to dramatic necklaces and earrings for glam evenings.

  • Immaculate Craftsmanship

Artificial jewellery is frequently made with immaculate craftsmanship. Expert craftsmen devote close attention to every last detail to produce art that is both well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing. Brands take pleasure in the calibre of their work, and the results speak for themselves. This dedication to workmanship gives artificial jewellery another dimension of beauty.

  • Utilising High-Quality Materials

Contemporary brands of artificial jewellery use numerous high-quality components, including cubic zirconia, faux gemstones, and precious metals like brass and sterling silver. These materials give toughness and endurance and look like exquisite jewellery. Artificial jewellery is made with high-quality materials to guarantee that it keeps its elegance over time.

  • Using Your Personal Style:

True elegance reflects a person's uniqueness. Wearers of artificial jewellery can exhibit their styles and share their personal narratives. Whether it's a minimalist cuff bracelet, a boho beaded necklace, or a vintage-inspired brooch, these accessories reflect the wearer's style and sense of identity.


India has many artificial jewellery brands and styles that appeal to all tastes and inclinations. To provide you with an excellent buying experience, Attrangi, an online shopping platform, has chosen some of the best items from these top 10 artificial jewellery businesses in India. Attrangi provides the jewellery to help you up your style and make a statement, whether shopping for yourself or searching for the ideal present.

Artificial jewellery, especially from the top artificial jewellery brands in India, has evolved from an inexpensive substitute for fine jewellery to a chic and widely available type of luxury, as seen by its elegance. It symbolises that elegance is determined by how one wears their selected accessories rather than by price tags. Artificial jewellery continues to enchant the fashion world with its eternal beauty thanks to its affordability, variety of designs, flawless craftsmanship, and versatility. As a result, it is a favourite among style-conscious people who value the finer things in life without having to spend a lot of money on them. Discover a world of exceptional artificial jewellery that blends beauty, affordability, and quality by browsing the Attrangi website.