Which Artificial Jewelry Pieces Would Go Well With Your Indo-Western Outfits?

As Indian women, we all like traditional jewellery and find it to be the ideal complement to our ethnic attire. However, have you ever considered wearing western clothing while wearing your traditional jewellery? Wearing simple artificial jewellery has evolved beyond simply adding sparkle to an ensemble; today, it is more about making a statement and boosting your overall style quotient.

At first glance, it may seem impossible to pair gold jewellery with western attire, but when you think about it, it's actually rather simple... Isn't it obvious that the fusion movement is gaining momentum all around you?

Find the perfect item to go with your ethnic clothing so that you may shine brightly on every occasion. Choose your favourite earrings, anklets, or nose rings and coordinate them with the clothing of your choice. In this article, we will show you 5 fake jewellery items that have the intricacies and patterns which will make it your favourite of all time:

  1. A necklace made of kundan beads:

It's impossible not to fall in love with the Kundan choker design, which has large stones and emerald-colored Latkans. The elegance of this item will bring out the best in your bridal ensemble. This style will be kept modest and sophisticated by wearing a subdued nose ring with a beautiful Jhoomar.

 Prashanti Kundan- Bead Mala

Tip: If you are going to wear a deep neck shirt design, Indian faux jewellery is an excellent choice for you!

  1. Necklace:

Nowadays, modern women like to accessorise their royal weddings with jewellery that accentuates their stylish side. If you're looking for anything similar, an intricate Indian fake jewellery set with stones and pearl Latkans is the perfect choice. Large Kundan stone studs, which are a stunning addition to the ensemble, are something that go well with a western outfit like a nice shirt.

 Heart it Necklace

As a style tip, if you have a comparable type of stone and pearl design in your bridal lehenga, it is almost certain that they will look fantastic together.

  1. Emeralds:

Everything about this gown is perfect for all of the modern office-goers who want a more understated appearance. New and popular is the use of metals in conjunction with green emeralds and some self-engraved work.

Emerald in Emerald Shape Basic Studs

 A pair of two-tier earrings will be sufficient to complete your office ensemble.

  1. Gemstones:

Gemstone-based bracelets and earrings are another great way to create an understated and stylish look. All you need to do is pair it with the right outfit for the office and it’ll make a whole world of difference. There are multiple designs available that make your outfit look absolutely stunning and accentuate your features.

Tooti Fruity Gemstone Tennis Bracelet

Head over now and get the best artificial jewellery online to make your outfits look absolutely stunning and stylish at the same time!