Artificial Jewellery Trends To Look Out For This Coming Year

As we enter the new year, it's time to discuss what will be fashionable among the fashion set in this year. Gone are the days of wearing a black single choker or a dainty small necklace or single band jewellery, it's 2022 we are stepping up our jewellery game. As the late 90’s - early 2000’s fashion is back, so is colourful, chunky and splashy jewellery.

So without wasting any time channel your inner Cher from clueless, to dive right into this blog.

  1. Bicep Bands:

Miami Cuban Stiff Bracelet

Of course, we all have our favourite bracelets but ever thought of wearing those lovely cufflets on your biceps. As different as the idea sounds, it is a statement piece you gotta look out for. It's a bold piece of jewellery that gives you a very retro-chic look and considering the long history of bicep bracelets, it's safe to assume that they've progressed from adornment to an everlasting symbol of empowerment.

  1. Golden Hoop Earrings:

Phooljadi Hoops

They say golden hoops are the pearl string of the 21st century. Well, they ain't wrong! It's one jewellery item can’t go wrong with. It's the equivalent of that black dress that every girl has in her wardrobe. Whether it be the OG silver ones or one with beads or a sea shell, no matter what your outfit is, having the perfect hoop changes your whole aura. Not only on the ears, hoop necklaces are also of rage days as well.

  1. Chain Link Necklace:

Oversized Hamsa Cuban Necklace

Chain necklaces are still the "it" accessory in 2022. Both paper clip chains and their chunkier equivalents are perfect for layering with other necklaces or wearing alone, and they offer unlimited versatility and wearability. Be it bold, gold or pastel chains and massive chain-link necklaces. They all do attract attention in sizes ranging from dainty to supersize and look beautiful. Pair these up with contemporary earrings.

  1. Body Chains

While talking about a statement piece, body chains need to make an appearance. When we think about body chains, our mind always goes towards traditional silver ones, but to backtrack this whole trend rose up in the early 2000’s which seems to be making a comeback. Thigh chains or for that matter body chains are also something to explore if you fancy it.

  1. Chunky Rings:

Nilam Band Ring

Chunky statement rings, without a doubt, stand out! Their design, on the other hand, can be rather varied, ranging from quirky to classic and playful. Occasionally even with a personal touch depending on your personality, choose the one that suits you best. Get ready to buy some chunky rings for women online.

So, this 2022, bring out your A-game and with the power of jewellery, it's time to discover all aspects of your individual style.