It’s Time to Party! Here Are Some Fancy Artificial Jewellery Pieces to Pair Up With Your Partywear

On a scale of ‘yay’ to ‘OH YES IT IS THE NEW YEAR’S EVE TIME TO BRING OUT THE PARTY’ how excited are you for ending 2021 with a bang? We’d say we are pretty much on the higher end of the spectrum, and so should you!

As we all get fired up to end this rather mediocre year in style, it isn’t far-fetched to suggest that fashion could be a great sea to drown all your regrets and sorrows in. After all, don’t we all want a fresh start? And what better than the perfect accessories to kickstart this fashion fiesta? We bring to you 5 fancy artificial jewellery pieces that will 100% elevate your look from the lower end to the highest end of a fashion scale in your NYE party:

  1. Metal tiaras:

Tiaras are no more a thing of the 2010s! Yes, we do agree they are a tad bit unconventional, but does conventional ever turn eyeballs in a party anyway? Metal tiaras come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns, with different types of chains as well. They look gorgeous on tousled hair or natural waves. Be it a beach party or a simple night out, this fancy accessory will surely up your outfit game!

  1. Multiple neck chains:

Multiple neck chains

You can never go wrong with the newest accessory favourite; neck chains. Available in all sizes and colours, these chains certainly add a rustic yet elegant look to a party outfit, combining the youth vibe with the beauty of jewellery. Pair them with a flowy dress or a cute top, and go minimal on the earrings with this one.

  1. Long dangly earrings:

Baano Kannauti Earrings

The best part about this type of fancy accessory is just how much you can explore with different genres and moods. Need something ethereal? Go for feathers or dreamcatchers. Something quaint? An oxidized version. More drama? Large hoops. More class? Long and thick metal-chain earrings. There is something for every outfit and every party type, so get some fancy earrings online!

  1. Stone-studded chokers:

Renuka Choker Set

Agreed, this would require some planning and mismatching. However, once done, you won’t be able to believe your eyes as to how much of a difference a simple choker can make. A stone-studded choker paired with an off-shoulder or deep-neck dress is a party look you need to put together as soon as possible! So, if you have been planning on to get your hands on that fancy choker necklace set, it’s time to get it.

  1. Body chains:

Did someone say unorthodox and drop-dead gorgeous? If unconventionality was a Christmas tree, body chains would be its adorning star. And rightfully so, it will make your ensemble shine so bright no one will be able to take their eyes off you. Go for a crop top with shorts or a mini skirt for this accessory and put on some boots for the finishing touches.

Be prepared to make countless head turns with these fashionable jewellery pieces that are equal parts unconventional and captivating! Let’s conclude the year on a high note, i.e. high on spirits and on fashion!