Cool Mangalsutra Designs The Newlyweds Would Love To Flaunt

There is one necklace that Indian women wear as a symbol of their holy tie with their husbands in an era when we all consider jewellery to be an absolute necessity for creating an outfit that is both fashionable and distinctive.

That's right, we're referring to the mangalsutra. Although the designs of the mangalsutra have changed over time, the divine meaning of the piece has remained constant throughout history. So, while searching for the Indian bridal jewellery sets with price, also look for some exquisite mangalsutra designs.

Anjuna Mangalsutra

What exactly is the Mangalsutra?

The phrase Mangalsutra is made up of the words mangal and sutra, which are two words that go together. The words mangal and sutra mean auspicious and thread, respectively, and the phrase mangalsutra refers to an auspicious thread that connects the souls.

During the wedding ceremony, the man ties an auspicious thread around the bride's neck, symbolising the hope that their partnership will be just as auspicious as the thread. A mangalsutra is a necklace that is made up of two strings of black beads and a pendant.

Pente Solitaire Mangalsutra

A Mangalsutra's Importance in Hinduism:

During their wedding ceremony, the man ties an auspicious thread around his bride's neck, symbolising the hope that their partnership will be just as auspicious as the thread. It represents the fact that they will be lifelong companions until death separates them.

In India, a mangalsutra is a symbol of marriage, and the wife is expected to wear it for the rest of her life as a reflection of the love and dedication that the husband and wife have for one another. South Indians believe that the mangalsutra should be tied in three knots, with each knot representing a different aspect of one's relationship with one's husband, one's commitment to one's family, and one's devotion to God.

In some parts of the country, the first knot is tied by the husband, and the next two knots are tied by the groom's sisters, according to tradition. It is thought that the black beads of a mangalsutra have been gifted with divine powers that will safeguard the couple during their marriage.

Ruby Drop Mangalsutra

The South Indian difference:

Mangalsutra, considered to be one of the most important components of the Hindu faith, is thought to have been developed in southern India and spread to northern India through colonisation.

Depending on the community and caste, the name and style of a mangalsutra might vary significantly in South India. It is commonly referred to as a Thaali or Thirumangalyam, and it is made of a long yellow thread with a gold pendant depicting the Goddess Supreme attached to it.

The North Indian variation of a mangalsutra is typically made up of a necklace of black beads with a gold pendant. The pendant is known as the Tanmaniya, and it is available in several different patterns. North Indian marriages are distinguished by the presence of a distinct ceremony for the tying of the sacred thread around the neck of the bride.

Mangalsutra has a variety of styles:

In recent years, wearing a mangalsutra has become somewhat of a fashion statement, and jewellers have responded by creating a variety of various styles, including the mangalsutra with a pop of colour by incorporating jewels. The addition of diamonds with elaborate designs to mangalsutras is one of the most recent trends in the jewellery industry, and so is the wrist mangalsutra design.

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