Buying Indian Ethnic Jewellery? Do Not Forget To Explore The Exquisite Hand Harnesses

One of the most important days in a bride’s life is the day she gets married. She has to look her best, dress immaculately and make sure everything she has adorned, including the heavy kundan bridal jewellery is on point. In such cases, being extra picky is a good thing because it’s a day she’ll never get to live again. With that being said, having the right jewellery is super important because it can make a good wedding outfit turn into the perfect one!

There are so many different adornments and embellishments that can be added to any outfit, starting with chains and rings. However, one piece that is seeing a rise in the latest bridal trends is the exquisite hand harness. It’s a simple yet elegant statement.

The history of hand harnesses:

In India, traditional jewellery is far more than a method of ornamentation; it is an intrinsic element of our cultural identity, as has long been proven. The derivation of ornaments that are currently fashionable, like the jhumka, the maang tikka, and the nath, may often be traced back several centuries. The hath phool is a type of hand harness whose name literally translates as 'flower of the hand' which is no exception to this rule.

Sajeeli Hathpan

This dish can be traced back to the Mughals, who brought it to the country via Persia, where it became popular. What distinguishes the hath phool as culturally significant is that it is based in Asian culture and was popular throughout Asia, including Persia, Caucasia, Russia, Arab countries, and China.

While maintaining its ancient roots, the hath phool has transformed to blend its traditional past with a more contemporary sensibility in modern times. Thus, jewellers are now able to design contemporary copies of this renowned classic using only genuine diamonds, demonstrating exceptional ingenuity and skill in the process.

How to choose hand embellishments?


Hand harnesses come in a variety of designs and at Attrangi, we’ve got you covered! You can choose from our range which includes the Chakrika, Sajeeli Hathpan, Darika, Damini, Chaavi, Paaneri and more. Once you choose the style you like, you can place the order and get it delivered straight to your home with ease.



These designs are all unique to one another and also make for the perfect bridal gift you can give your loved ones. Go ahead, look for Indian bridal jewellery sets with price, and choose a style that suits your personality well, and you’ll be well on your way to creating bridal magic!