How To Create The Perfect Traditional Bridal Look With Kundan Bridal Jewellery?

India loves weddings! We go out of our way to give ourselves an event that’s unforgettable and bridal jewellery is one aspect that families go all out to get! There are so many different designs and styles that one can choose from for bridal jewellery, and we’ve got just the perfect selection of options that can change the game - heavy Kundan bridal jewellery!

Before delving into the designs, it’s important to understand what kundan means.

Kundan - an ancient art of jewellery design:

The term 'kundan' refers to gold that has been finely purified. The name of the jewellery is derived from the exceptional craftsmanship involved in encasing glass or gemstones in a foundation of gold foil created from a highly refined and pure form of molten gold in a base of gold foil.

Additionally, the enamelling method uses vibrant colours on the back side, with the kundan pattern appearing on the front. It has a long and illustrious history that dates back over 2500 years.

How to style kundan bridal jewellery?

Kundan Earrings:

Women are recognised to have a strong attraction to and affinity for various types of earrings, which is well known to everyone. As a result, they make an effort to acquire a variety of earrings from a variety of jewellery collections. In reality, it is the most eye-catching piece of jewellery for brides as well as for any other occasion.

Kundan Pearl Studs

Brides also want to explore with their earrings, and so they choose some out-of-the-ordinary patterns and types of earrings for their wedding day look. Furthermore, earrings may be used to accessorise a variety of outfits. Every would-be bride may benefit from the use of kundan earrings, which are both exquisite and captivating in their appearance.

Kundan Necklaces:

The necklace from the kundan line of jewellery is well-known for being one of the most sought-after pieces. It is enough to amaze any lady who enjoys wearing different types of jewellery for different situations since the clarity and shine, as well as the brightness, that emanates from the necklace are just ideal for any bride.

Pastel Firoza Meena Hasli Set

Despite the fact that many people cannot afford kundan necklaces, they make an effort to retain at least one piece of jewellery with them as a reminder of the investment they have made in bridal jewellery.

Kundan Bracelets:

Nalini Polki Meena Bracelet

Bracelets made of kundan are another piece of jewellery from the kundan collection that is particularly popular among soon-to-be brides. If the bride does not like to have bangles on, she can simply go for highly crafted and created kundan bracelets, which are regarded to be the greatest replacement for bangles in the market. These are the greatest pieces of jewellery that can be worn to complement the hand to make them appear more appealing and noticeable.

Kundan Pendants:

In addition to Kundan necklaces, you may also choose from a variety of elegant and stylish Kundan pendants. These can assist in improving the overall appearance of the bride on the day of her wedding.

Preeti Dainty Polki Set

The pendants from the Kundan line are also available in different creative cuts and forms, allowing prospective brides to select the pendants that are most appropriate for their own tastes.

With these wonderful Kundan imitation jewellery, your wedding dress will seem incredibly stunning and elegant without any effort and hard work.