Elegant Festive Look With Indian Imitation Jewellery

The festive season is here, which means along with pujas, the wedding season is also here. A picture-perfect pairing of fashion and excellent jewellery is always a smart choice. We can help you find your match for the season, whether it's for a family puja, small wedding or a family gathering.


Jharna Chandbali

The 'chandbali' is a bejewelled interpretation of the crescent moon with roots in Mughal and Rajput royalty. The Chandbali can change your whole outfit. It can make you look very royal, elegant, and regal all at the same time. It comes in different sizes and shapes which you can adorn at a wedding, puja or reception. However, do not forget to add some fancy jhumka earrings to your shopping list as well.

  1. Meenakari

Utsah Meenakari Set

Meenakari is the method of enamelling metal and ceramic surfaces to paint and colour them. Meenakari art is used as a decorative accent on serving dishes, containers, and jewellery which usually contains elaborate motifs.

Meenakari print jewellery is a very elegant way of getting your look elevated as the precious craving and painting can bring out the features of your face and can elevate your whole look. For creating the traditional look the artificial gold plated jewellery prices would be great too.

  1. Temple jewellery

Temple jewellery is basically a long piece of necklace with intricate designs that can enhance the silhouette it is adorned on. The designs are inspired by deities, temple tops, and celestial figures in their most basic form. It usually has goddess Lakshmi or Saraswathi and is a common piece of jewellery found in southern weddings.

  1. Glass Kundan

Kaveri Kundan studs with Pearl Drop

Glass Kundan is the replica Kundan and is made out of glass which has gold flakes wrapped around the glass component that holds the stones in place. It’s a very affordable and stylish way to flaunt the jewellery. It gives you a very luxurious look and is very comfortable and lightweight as well compared to the gold Kundan.

With these amazing designs go ahead, pick your favourite style to rock this festive season!