A Quick Guide to Buying and Styling Oversized Jewellery

What you say: A bold, eye-catching, stand-out fashion statement

What we hear: Oversized jewellery!

That’s right, gone are the days when a hat or a scarf was enough to make heads turn. Girl, if you want to attract those eyeballs today in the next prominent life-turning event- and you never know what luncheon or party could that be- then oversized jewellery is your safest bet to unleash the fashionista in you. We say it is a bet, because, like any statement fashion piece, oversized jewellery is still a gamble played based on how well it is styled. And, this is exactly where we will help you out!

With the following tips, go out there in the fashion market feeling comfortably chic and create your oversized jewellery looks with added ease and confidence:

  1. What to buy: Oversized chokers.Can be in the oxidized style or more contemporary

How to style: Depending on how ornate the neckpiece is, we’d suggest either a classic Indian suit with a deep neck or, for a more western look, a plain sleek slip or body-con dress with ample space to show off your collarbones and shoulder. Go easy on the earrings with this one! The simple gold studs designs might be right for this look.

Aishani Intricate Choker Set

  1. What to buy: Thick oversized bracelets. Preferably metal plated

How to style: We’re looking at full-fledged kadas, with intricate designs and heavy metalwork. They’d go contrastingly well with long shirt dresses and even summer dresses for that matter. Alternatively, you can also go full Indian with an embroidered Kurti and cigarette pants. Statement fancy diamond earrings and a neckpiece in a similar colour will be a bonus!

  1. What to buy: Oversized metal hoops

How to style: These earrings are honestly the paintbrushes that can turn any canvas into a masterpiece. But, if you want to feel extra fancy, go for a shirt dress with a corset and boots, or anything off-shoulder! Spaghetti tops and dresses also work very well with hoops. When it comes to Indian wear, classy midis with sandals can be your go-to choice.

Metal Dust Pearl Hoops

  1. What to buy: Oversized metal chain necklaces

How to style: If you want to really experiment with the boundaries of casual fashion and push yourself out of your comfort zone, then oversized metal chains are the best place to start from. They are bold enough to make heads turn even if you don’t don any other accessories, which is why your outfit has to be strategically chosen. Softer patterns, preferably plain, subtle colours, and fabrics with a natural fall can bring out the beauty of these ornate pieces. Collars are a great option too for an unconventional and courageous look.

Nazar Naa Lage -Evil Eye Necklace

If you want to walk on the cusp of ‘wow’ and ‘did she really do that, make oversized jewellery your best friend. And we’ve just taught you how to!