A Small Wedding Calls For Attractive Jewellery, Here Are A Few Simple Sets That Can Elevate Your Lehenga

Weddings are the most amazing, beautiful, and wholesome experience of one's life. People plan months in advance some in years for this beautiful day, but now with the 3rd wave of covid- omicron is peaking its way back to our life and people are ditching the grandiose weddings and opting for more intimate ones which have become the new normal.

Every bride's dream is to walk down the aisle in her wedding lehenga/saree. There are probably more than a dozen distinct sorts of necklaces, but there are a handful you should be aware of if you're getting married this year. So here is a list of the most stunning and fabulous ethnic jewellery that every bride/bridesmaid should get their hands-on

  1. Abhilasha Rani Haar:

Abhilasha Raani Haar

An ethnic design mixed with a modern and traditional look is what the Abhilasha rani haar, it is the perfect jewellery if you want to exhibit that regal look. Long necklaces, either single or multi-stringed, are extremely popular and have a royal sense because of their length. Rani Haar has long been a favourite of brides, and it's frequently layered with another necklace but mostly chokers.

  1. Green Antique Polish Set:

Green Antique Polish Set

If your vibe for your wedding is simple yet chic then this is the necklace you should definitely check out. The green stones give this necklace every emerald look and can easily be the centre of attraction.

  1. Shravani Polki Set:

Shravani Polki Set

It's the simplest basic necklace style, with a length that fits just below the collarbone and is universally flattering. The Princess necklace is another name for it. The polki and the gems make it the perfect necklace for the wedding, the speciality of this set is that pairs well with a lehenga or a  saree.

  1. Faika Jadaau Set:

Faika Jadaau Set

The faika jadaau set is basically like a choker with different gems embedded in it, you can call it a mixture of choker and navratna haar. It's usually quite huge. This necklace type is popular among brides who want to make a statement with their jewellery, the speciality of this set is that you easily pair it with a long necklace like Kundan or rani haar. Look for some artificial jadau jewellery online.

  1. Mitali Bridal Polki Set:

Mitali Bridal Polki Set

A cannot not miss a choker while talking of bridal jewellery. This set is the perfect mix of choker and bib necklace. It basically sits on the neck and covers the upper portion of the chest. It has a very soft yet fashionable edge to it, you should definitely check it out if that's the vibe for your wedding.

So go check out these amazing jewellery options and you won't have to worry about any of your looks feeling incomplete with these beauties by your side.