These Jadau Artificial Jewellery Pieces Would Uplift Any Ethnic Outfit

India is a land rich in culture, traditions, heritage, values, which reflect in our lifestyle including jewellery which is mostly of traditional and contemporary styles. Jewellery in India is beautiful not just because of its look, but also because of its significance to Indian culture and customs. The Jadau Jewellery is more than just jewellery; it has deep meaning in terms of design, use, and the stories behind its creation.

Jadau is a kind of jewellery that originated in Rajasthan-Bikaner and is the definition of elegance among some of the most regal Indian heritage accessories. It's basically the process of setting precious and semi-precious stones into gold to create a magnificent, long-lasting piece, that can be of 2 types i.e Kundan or polki, which have many different styles in them.

So here are some of the artificial jadau jewellery online that you need to have which goes well with any outfit.

  1. Navratna Jadaau Set:

Ubeida Navratna Jadaau Set

As the word suggests navratna is "Nine Gems". Navratna-style necklaces and bracelets influenced by Jadau styles are currently very popular. A navratna jadauu set is a piece of art, it is embedded with intricate jewels and has a very classy look. Whether be as a saree or a lengha or just a simple anarkali. A colourful navratna piece can accentuate and enhance the beauty of the whole look.

  1. Chandbali:

Alma Chandbali

Since Chandbalis were first worn, the world has fawned over them. The Nizams of Hyderabad inspired the shape of the crescent moon. The chandbali's standout feature is that it can be worn with any clothing, including sarees, lehengas, suits, and even with a regular kurti. For a brief period of time, this jewellery piece went out of style, but now it's back to its former glory.

  1. Rani haar:

Mehwish Jadaau Rani Set

A Raani haar with tukdi work is every girl's dream. The whole essence of this jewellery item screams royalty. The rani haar has a longer and heavier design than most necklaces and can be layered with other necklaces as well. Rani haar, as opposed to a necklace, is substantially longer and more regal, with multiple layers and a pendant. Rani haars are usually encrusted with rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and pearls, and are irresistibly beautiful with a royal touch. Get some ethnic earrings online to pair these with this exclusive piece.

  1. Polki choker:

Prachiti Polki Choker Set

Polki jewellery is made entirely of unpolished diamonds in their original state. When these rough diamonds are cleaned and chemically modified, they appear to be sparkling diamonds. Polki jewellery is more expensive than Kundan jewellery because it contains uncut diamonds. They can be worn as a statement piece or can be mixed and matched with other pieces. Moreover, they go well with any outfit whether be it is a saree or a normal kurta suit.

So go try on these 4 amazing pieces of jewellery and channel your inner Komal Pandey which would help you easily pump up any of your ethnic outfits.