Cool Maang Tikka to Lookout This Wedding Season

When it comes to finding the perfect bridal jewellery for their big day,  brides don't leave any stone untouched. From necklace to rings to matat Patta to anklets, every piece of jewellery is properly scrutinised to choose the perfect fit for the D day!

A maang tikka is an exquisite piece of ethnic jewellery that sits elegantly on a woman's temple or even on the side of her head has evolved and gone a long way. Maang tikkas with intricate embellishments, carvings, and styles look extremely attractive and stunning on anyone who wears them.

Even if you're not the type to wear a lot of jewellery, a simple yet attractive headpiece is enough to add all the charm and make you stand out from the crowd. So here are some maang tikka for all you maang tikka lovers that you should keep an eye out for

  1. Chandbali maang tikka:


As the name suggests, a chandbali maang tikka is the exact version of a chandbali earring; it’s crescent moon shape makes it the jewellery item you have to have in your collection. Traditionally, a chand tikka is worn as a more substantial piece of jewellery but with Polki and Pearl, this makes the perfect jewellery item you need for a wedding.

  1. Borla:

Samarth Borla

The Rajasthani Borla maang tikka design is an ethnic adornment that has been worn for hundreds of years by the people of Rajasthan. The Borla maang tikka was a celebrated accessory among the Rajputs and many more. This headpiece makes your attire very chic and imperial. The speciality of this maang tikka is that it is not very heavy, and can be coupled with larger jewellery. It will go perfectly with your heavy kundan bridal jewellery pieces.

  1. Passa:

Neelam Paasa

The term passa means 'one side' in Urdu. Traditional passa jewellery has been passed down from the Mughal Empire and is pinned on one side of the head (usually the left). According to current fashion trends, it can also be worn on the right or centre side of the head. A passa is ideal for the outgoing bride as well as a traditional one.

  1. Solitaire maang tikka:

Tulikaa Diamond pearl Maangtika

Diamonds are genuinely girls' best friends. A solitaire maang tikka is not only trendy and sophisticated but also relatively modern in appearance and may provide that extra splash of colour to your clothing. It makes a statement without you having to make a statement.

  1. Pastel maang tikka:

Suhani Pastel Maangtika

As the name suggests, a pastel maang tikka is for you if you want to turn heads. The elegance of circular maang tikka mixed with the fun edged elements of the bead makes this whole look very sophisticated. It is the statement piece that every bridesmaid or anybody in the wedding should eye out for.

So go on choose the maang tikka style that complements your personality, and you'll be well on your way to creating magic!