Different Types of Headgears to Suit Your Face Cut

Headgears, also colloquially known as Matha Patti, are among the most experimental forms of jewellery in the world of fashion. Right from dazzlingly chunky headpieces to subtly sophisticated head chains, these assorted accessories are enough to elevate any look from average to extravagant, regardless of how unique the rest of your ensemble is. Headgears are simply those kinds of compliments that are a statement in themselves!

One wouldn’t usually explore headgears as a standard or popular choice of companion for any sort of look, be it traditional or modern. However, in the constantly evolving world of fashion, it stands to reason to up your game and engages with the grandeur of headgears. We’re here to help you navigate this journey! Read on to know what headgear you can invest in based on your face shape before you add them to your ethnic jewellery collection:

  1. Long:

Chamkeeli Mathapatti

This face type has more length than the width across the forehead and chin, and that is why they need a headgear that adds to the width of the face as opposed to the length. Chunky headgears with a thicker band and relatively more minor pendants will greatly accent this face shape.

  1. Round:

Trikarana Polki Hair Chain

Well-endowed everywhere, this face shape needs a headgear that balances the chubbiness but does not cut down the height and width of the face. Matha pattis with many angles and corners suit these face shapes very well, just like those with minimalistic work and delicate designs.

  1. Square:

Piddhisi Paasa

Prominent cheekbones and sharp jawlines are the standout features of this face shape. A suitable headgear would be the one that softens the edges of the face without losing its angular charm. Jhoomars and side headgears complement square faces beautifully without diminishing their defining qualities. These are just perfect, if you are wearing heavy kundan bridal jewellery.

  1. Heart:

Mehekili Sheeshpatti

The characteristic broad forehead and tapering jaw make any matha patti look good! However, some would accentuate this face shape better than others. Case in point- multi-chained headgears! They grace the broad foreheads while also letting those cheekbones shine and are a true delight to wear with a traditional or western outfit!

  1. Diamond:


Strong cheekbones are the standout feature of this face shape, and the headgear you choose must not take the limelight away from them. Asymmetrical headgears or extremely minimalistic head chains would work very well on such faces since they wouldn’t crowd the centre of the face.

Now that you have this guide, start experimenting with headgears and let your outfits spell innovation out loud!