Create a Stunning Traditional Look With These Nath Designs

Very soon, are we all going to get pulled into the endearing madness that wedding season is! Replete with the shenanigans of new beginnings, the uproars of satisfied relatives, and the cheers of fashion enthusiasts, the wedding season truly brings together a vibrant cohort of joy, celebration, beauty, tradition, and experimentation.

In this article, we want to mainly focus on a specific characteristic part of the Indian wedding tradition: The Nathni. This piece of jewellery is a more elaborate form of a nose ring and is exclusively reserved for events with more grandeur and pomp, not unlike the statement it makes. We have picked and chosen some of our best choices for nathnis that will help you put together a stunning traditional look guaranteed to make many heads turn. So, be ready to explore and be ready to pick up the right ones while shopping for ethnic jewellery online.

  1. Pearl hoops:


These nathnis concentrate on pearl or pearl-stone work nestled within their typical large hoops, providing a well-complementing and sophisticated addition. They are highly versatile since they can be found in many colours and suit every face shape due to their minimalistic appeal.

  1. Studded hoops:

Pastel Falak Nath

Did someone say all-out? Because that’s how extravagant these studded nathnis are! With beautiful studs available in different stones, Kundan work, and much more, studded hoops are subtle enough to let your outfit shine but bold enough to make a powerful statement.

  1. Chunky hoops:

Mini Diamond Nath

The authentic traditional accessory can’t get any better than this. Chunky hoops have the power to be the very soul, the gravitational force of your ensemble. This is why we would suggest going for smaller circles should you go the chunky way, to balance off the beautiful medley of stones, pearls, and metal!

  1. Colourful nathnis:

You don’t necessarily need a hoop to sport a beautiful nathni. Often found in Maharashtrian culture but admired across cultures, this colourful nathnis are intricately designed with a melange of stones and colours that vibrantly make you stand out. They are also quite minimalistic and subtle, perfect for wedding outfits with heavy work and embroideries. These can easily be paired with kundan imitation jewellery pieces.

Nathnis are a true gift from the Indian bridal tradition. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pull one off! With the right balance and outfit-to-accessory ratio, a nathni will bedeck your face and accentuate your traditional looks by leaps and bounds.