4 Kundan Imitation Jewellery Gift Ideas for a New Bride

There is nothing more appealing to our traditional sense of Indian-ness than a good piece of highly intricate Kundan jewellery! The beautifully glimmering colour and the neatly arranged geometrical patterns bring together some of the most exquisite treasure troves of classic Indian traditions, even if they are as small as a trinket. That is why Kundan makes for the perfect gifting base as we navigate through this year’s full-fledged wedding season. How do we now build upon this base? Well, technically, it’s upon us and our creativity, isn’t it?

In this blog, we will take you through 4 adequately practical wedding gift ideas with Kundan at its core and hope that you take it ahead from there:

  1. A pair of heavy kadas:

Haathi Gold Kada

The little details in an entire look make you stand out for your sense of style, and when it comes to traditional style, there is nothing better than kadas to achieve this goal. Hence, they make the perfect wedding gifts for a new bride finding her style resurrection in the latest stage of her life. Kundan kadas come with a variety of stones and details, so you will have plenty to choose from while shopping for ethnic jewellery online!

  1. A broad-banded maang tikka:

Saubhagyavati Maangtika

Tell us one jewellery piece more exquisite than a full-length, intricate, detailed maang tikka with a heavy headband and a wide pendant; we'll wait! It’s easy to go down the mainstream route and just buy a classic head chain with the pendant in the centre. However, we suggest a more innovative and unconventional approach to this gift, where the headband sits atop the hair instead of the hairline. Trust you, and for the bride’s initial functions in her new household, this jewellery piece will adorn her like an actual goddess!

  1. A pair of statement dangling earrings:

Kamaalki Earrings

If you want to be subtle but stylish in your gift, statement Kundan earrings that do not shy away from occupying the whole space between your ear and your shoulders can be your go-to choice. The amount of variety is positively overwhelming but will leave you feeling rewarded and fulfilled once you do find that exquisite pair of earrings you wish for! Keep an eye out for options with polki, precious stones, and unconventional shapes, as you start looking for Indian earrings online.

  1. A wide choker necklace:


This one falls under the subtle but stylish bucket and is almost a must-have addition to the jewellery closet. Choker necklaces in themselves are eye-catching to wear; add Kundan to it, and they would perfectly complement the grace and grandeur of any traditional outfit. You can go for either a thinner version or a full-blown, extravagant option depending on the bride you’re gifting!

Good luck with all the wedding shopping that lies ahead of you, and best wishes to all the brides you’d be gifting these unique Kundan pieces to!