What’s New in Bridal Jewellery? 5 Designs You Will Love

The wedding season frenzy is an unending cycle of boundless joy, Bollywood dance numbers, exquisite decorations, and jaw-dropping fashion styles. Bridal jewellery holds a superior position in this euphoric cycle. A cultural essential is not immune to change trends and styles! 2022 has many new designs, and we can’t wait to share them!

If you’re brainstorming what kind of Indian bridal jewellery sets with price you want for your big day, look no further! These jewellery designs are guaranteed to bewitch your mind and divinely bedeck you:

  1. Emerald beaded set:

Jadaau Tanmaniya in Emerald Crystals

If you want to go the old school way and don a heavy, bust-length necklace that will bedeck your entire torso, an emerald beaded set will make you fall in love with it! The necklace is elaborate, extremely ornate and royal, whereas the earrings are heavy enough to complete a Raja Ravi Verma-esque ensemble!

  1. Multicoloured polki set:

Bhakti Polki Heavy Set

Polkis have a special place in the heart of every Indian. It captures the cultural heritage associated with a wedding like none other. A multicoloured polki set adds a flair of vibrancy and life to an otherwise strictly traditional bridal outfit. It’s an excellent choice for brides who want to stray a bit farther from mainstream jewellery and remain true to tradition in fashion. One should also check out the heavy kundan bridal jewellery sets too.

  1. Manga mala set:

Devasena Mango Mala with Jhumkas

This beautiful piece of classic South Indian jewellery is an excellent masterclass in the world of exquisite bridal jewellery. It’s subtle but powerful enough to make you look like a goddess! The long necklace and bold gold divinely adorn the torso, while the earrings frame the visage perfectly for the most regal snapshots.

  1. Classic diamond set:


The lover of minimalism, unite! If you want to keep your bridal jewellery super simple. The choker necklace is beautiful and elegant, paired with delicate and studded earrings. The unconventional look transforms into a compelling vision due to the power of diamonds!

  1. Pastel jewellery sets:

Ruhaniyat Pastel Bridal Set

For the modern brides who believe infusing tradition with contemporary trends of minimalism, pastel bridal jewellery is the right choice. The dance of soft pastel-coloured stones with the contrastingly ornate traditional jewellery styles is almost poetic. The earrings are equally striking, completing the look of a new-age bride ready to create her own rules!

You can shop for all these styles on our website, so go on and become the divine bride you always wanted to be!