5 Artificial Diamond Bracelets To Make You Sparkle All Year Long

Diamond jewellery is timeless in itself. But, if you are on a budget and are not shopping for a significant family function, artificial diamond jewellery is an excellent investment. It’s easy on the wallet but strikes down pretty heavily in the department of beauty and charm. Plus, there is ample variety to choose from! Amidst the alluring earrings, eye-catching necklaces, and graceful rings, one underrated piece of diamond jewellery that isn’t talked about very often is a bracelet. It’s a shame, given how versatile and gorgeous they are! You can style any outfit with artificial diamond bracelets, and we guarantee your look will stand out.

To bring the amazing world of diamond bangles to your accessory closet, we have compiled a list of 5 artificial diamond bangles you must definitely invest in as a good starting point!

  1. Classic bangle set:

Classic Bangle Set

If you want to go for an artificial diamond bangles set that is virtually compatible with every outfit and perfectly subtle, this is for you. Made with neatly cut diamonds embedded in a sleek metal band, these classic bangles are graceful, elegant, and suitable for every occasion.

  1. Rose gold bracelet:

Baguette Diamond Bangle/ Bracelet

Rose gold, in itself, has a professional and sophisticated flair to it. Pair it with the beauty of diamonds, and you’ve got an eye-catching accessory for yourself! A rose gold bracelet is ideal for an important day at work or a casual outing with friends and family. It goes well with sundresses, formal suits, and basic Indian wear.

  1. Uncut diamond kada:

Nimisha Uncut Diamond Solid Kada

Can’t decide how to elevate your look for a slightly more special family occasion or a close friend’s party? Go for an uncut diamond kada paired with diamond artificial jewellery sets. It’s loud, but in a way that makes people hear how flawless your style is. At the same time, it’s classy enough to not give a gaudy edge to your ensemble. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be!

  1. Multi-gem bracelet:

Tooti Fruity Gemstone Tennis Bracelet

This one is for all the times you wanted to add a touch of colour to your styles without it getting flashy or tacky! Combining the vibrancy of multi-coloured gems and the understated finesse of diamonds, a multi-gem bracelet is perfect to accompany fun cocktail dresses, quirky co-ords, and minimalistic monotones.

  1. Coloured tennis bracelet:

Tennis Bracelet in Ruby Red / Emerald Green

Tennis bracelets are loved for their sleek and uniform design. However, if you’re looking for a way to make a fashion statement at your next formal party, a coloured tennis bracelet is a much better fit for you! It uses the neat finishing of a classic bracelet but elevates the design by incorporating elegant gemstones at the core, such as emerald and ruby. The final product? A sophisticated and captivating bracelet that is perfect for a swanky night out.

With these bangles, you are set to sparkle all year long and shine your light even brighter! Head to our online store and get yours today!