Be Festival-ready this Holi With these 5 Ethnic Jewellery Pieces

Holi ke din dil khil jaate hai rangon mein rang mil jaate hai….

O rang barse bheege chunar waari rang barse….

If these songs are in a loop in your head just like they are in ours, and we're pretty sure they are, then congratulations my friend, you have been officially bitten by the bug of Holi fervour! And for all good reasons, the vibrant festival of colours is just a few days away!

You might be wondering, why bother dressing up when you will be dripping in colour and water from head to toe in a matter of a few minutes! However, let us remind you, at the end of the day, Holi is an Indian festival. And you must know how to make a fashion statement regardless of all that your outfit might later go through, and you need to get some ethnic jewellery online. With these five easy-to-wear jewellery pieces, you're gonna make heads turn right before they smear you with colour:

  1. Stud jhumkis:

Chain Zero Earring

These jhumkis look extremely pretty with a simple block-coloured kurta and are incredibly light to wear. Their small size makes them easier to stay on amidst all the festive uproar of Holi, and the studs will make sure they don't stretch out your ear in case someone gets too enthusiastic while smashing colours on your face!

  1. Waist chain:

This is a rather unconventional choice for a seemingly levelled down attire that Holi normally calls for; however, experimentation is at the heart of style! A waist chain works for an Indian outfit or a simple tee-and-tights combo. It's dainty enough to not come in the way of playing Holi but unique enough to make your whole look stand out.

  1. Silver rings

Can you honestly ever go wrong with a nicely polished set of silver rings? They look equal parts cool and stylish and are extremely easy to carry. To add to that, they are also versatile enough to go with a Kurti or a tee! You need to get some daily wear diamond rings online as well.

  1. Delicate metal bracelet:

Metal Dust Flexi Gold Kada

Another adequately versatile accessory is a delicate metal bracelet, preferably with little trinkets. They will not block you from unleashing your Holi beast, but will also add a little extra to your festive outfit! Our suggestion is to pair this with a plain Kurti or a simple tunic.

  1. Anklets:

Last but not least, anklets are a safe yet stylish choice for a festival as beautiful and vibrant as them! The only downside is, you won't be able to surprise anyone with a fistful of colours on them, since people would be able to hear you come even before they see you! Worth it, in our opinion, because anklets are genuinely captivating in their own right.

Are you ready to stump everyone on Holi with your excellent water balloon aim and your ability to make a fashion statement despite the festival's apparent implications? Because we totally are!