Five Chic Western Jewellery Ideas for Your WFH Avatar

At this point, do we even need to explain WFH? The fact that we’re already adapting to the 3rd year of the pandemic and are incredibly comfortable with the acronym WFH shows just   how much our lives and lifestyles have changed. Since fashion is inextricably linked to how we conduct and express ourselves in our everyday lives, a drastic change in the latter will obviously impact the former. The end result? A new era of blazers-on-pyjamas fashion for the quintessential work-from-home employee. And we’re enjoying every bit of it, aren’t we?

It is this unique comfort+professionalism duo that has dominated our closets for the past three years, and it is for this duo that we’re suggesting the following five simple artificial jewellery ideas, including Indo western earrings. Because let’s be honest, accessorising can make an average day a lot better!

  1. Multi-chained Necklaces:

Navratna Evil Eye Pendant Chain

The entire medley of thin metal chains with delicate details and pendants is an absolute sight for the eyes! Multi-chained necklaces come in many colours and variations, giving you a lot of variety to choose from for your personal style. They are fashionable but also subtle enough to work in a casual setting. Complete winners, if you ask us!

  1. Single Pendants:

Tiny Colored Doublet Pendant Chain

If minimalistic is your calling, a single pendant necklace is a perfect accessory for you to pull off while elevating your WFH look. It’s classically professional and ticks all the boxes for subtle and sophisticated. The number of options, colours, and patterns available is also a huge plus, wouldn’t you agree?

  1. Sleek Metal Bracelets:

Emerald flexi bracelet

Metal bracelets always add something to the overall ensemble, be the loose chains or the stiff bands. You can choose to wear just one or a combination of 2 or 3, depending on how you identify your style. Regardless, they are always a great addition to your WFH accessories closet.

  1. Ring Sets:

Marquise Band Ring

Rings are usually among those things you never consciously focus on while accessorising daily. However, with a bit of purposeful attention, they can be such a game-changer with a little intentional attention! For a WFH look precisely, multiple rings can add a refined edge and power to your hard-working avatar. You can also opt for dainty daily wear diamond rings.

  1. Stud Earrings:

Mini Polki Stud

Even if you want to keep it extremely simple and not go overboard with the jewellery, stud earrings are still an effective way to make a statement. Especially if you look at pearls, stones, diamonds, or uniquely shaped studs, there are many potentials to pull off a powerful and elegant look. Because they are so dainty, varied,  and affordable, you can keep experimenting regularly as well!

Do remember us when you’re on your way to revamping your accessories closet, and by extension, your WFH life!