3 Reasons Why Brides Love Artificial Jewellery These Days

Coming from deep social conditioning that equates the significance of the penultimate life event that marriage is to the incomparable value derived from real gold and diamonds, it can be difficult for the traditional generations to wrap their heads around the recent buzz around artificial jewellery for modern brides. After all, don’t we Indians invest years’ worth of money so that on the d-day our brides are adorned with the best and purest ornate jewellery? Despite this fixation on authentic jewellery, its artificial counterparts are becoming increasingly popular in the wedding ecosystem. And we’ve got a solid few reasons why.

In an Indian wedding, jewellery doesn’t play the role of only enhancing a bride’s wedding lehenga. It also features prominently in other wedding functions and finds its way in many wedding gifts. From that perspective, it is not very difficult to understand why brides today prefer artificial jewellery such as heavy kundan bridal jewellery for many of these duties. We’ve listed the most major ones below:

  1. It is extremely affordable:

Pahara Bridal Set

We all know a big fat Indian wedding is already an expensive affair enough to burn many holes in many pockets. Add to that the pressure of buying real jewellery for every small function, and the piled up costs are too much for anyone to bear. More than that, they are quite unnecessary as well. Brides prefer artificial jewellery for the innocuous get-togethers and less-grand functions since they serve the purpose without denting their wallet or bank account. So, be ready to include some diamond artificial jewellery sets in your bridal trousseau.

  1. The amount of variety is par excellence:

Mitali Bridal Polki Set

Every bride’s dream is to look unique and memorable in every outfit associated with the wedding. It isn’t feasible to look into these many options for real jewellery for real jewellery. On the other hand, Artificial jewellery has something for every occasion, colour, and mood. Be it the enchanting silver, the sophisticated rose gold, or the mesmerising medley of stones and diamonds, the bride will easily find the best pieces for every look and kind.

  1. You don’t have to worry about safety risks:

Ruhaniyat Pastel Bridal Set

Real jewellery brings a lot of risks that need to be insured against. Even then, insurance can’t replace the memories of a life event that could be ruefully damaged. Less real jewellery will be much less of a headache, especially when you’d allow artificial jewellery to serve the purpose as efficiently!

Yes, we are all emotionally attached to our wedding jewellery and invest a lot in its ‘realness’; however, convenience is more valuable in recent times than grandeur, primarily when artificial jewellery is known to satisfy both these clauses. It’s affordable, captivating, and diverse. Most importantly, it leaves more smiles than worries in the event cherished for a lifetime!