5 Office Wear Jewellery Trends You Need To Get Your Hands On

You got to love office wear! Blouses, trousers, turtle necks, shirts, pencil skirts, blazers, and the list goes on; there is something for every shade of smart and sophisticated! Now that offices are reopening; it is time to revisit your formalwear wardrobe and make some necessary tweaks, some in-vogue investments, to keep up an A-level fashion game.

Accessorising is always the best way to make an impressive fashion statement, and the workplace is no different! In this blog, we will take you through 5 office wear jewellery trends that are tried and tested in their ability to elevate your workplace looks and lend an air of elegance even on the most hectic workdays.

  1. Good set of rings:

Princess Ring

Ring sets are always in fashion. Hence, they make for an apt investment. For office wear, in particular, metal ring sets add to a very polished, smart, and sleek look, elevating your day-to-day formal looks. They not only bedeck your fingers but also enhance the simplest of shirt-trouser combinations.

  1. A pearl necklace:

2 Line Pearl Mala

Another addition to the timeless jewellery cohort, a pearl necklace conveys equal parts of grace and poshness. What else do you need in your office wear? It’s also highly versatile; you can pair it with a formal bodycon dress, a simple blouse, or an elaborate pantsuit.

  1. Minimalistic rose gold jewellery:

Multi Solitaire Diamond Choker/ Necklace Set

Rose gold is extremely subtle and elegant as a colour in itself. It will most certainly refine and stylise your persona paired with a formal outfit. Minimalistic rose gold jewellery can come in a dainty bracelet, chunky earrings, a simple pendant, or even a basic choker. There is plenty of variety available for everyone’s preference.

  1. Gold hoops:

Phooljadi Hoops

Small to medium-sized gold hoops look quite professional, contrary to the prevailing perception of hoops being too hip or party-wear. Gold hoops fill the accessory void without the need to pair them with any more accessories and, thus, are very efficient for casual office wear, you could also try out contemporary earrings. Of course, they also make you stand out from the crowd!

  1. A tennis bracelet:

Valentina Tennis Bracelet

If fineness, luxury, and class had a one-stop destination, a tennis bracelet would be that. They come in a variety of metals and precious stones, suitable for every taste and outfit choice. The innate subtlety and beauty of this bracelet make your entire formal outfit a class above the rest!

Now that you have a fair idea of what’s trending, hit the shop button and build your office wear wardrobe with these stylish accessories!