5 Reasons Why the Wrist Mangalsutra Designs Are Becoming So Popular

Tying two people together in the holy matrimony of marriage is one of the most beautiful forms of commitment there is to exist in our culture. A mangalsutra is a bedecked piece of thread that literally shows this entanglement and has traditionally been one of the most important components of wedding logistics. However, with giant leaps in the transformation of wedding fashion, it is no surprise that the mangalsutra design has also undergone significant changes.

Gone are the times when mangalsutra was exclusively a type of traditional jewellery reserved for the neck. Today, innovation has revolutionised tradition and given us the novelty of wrist mangalsutra design. Carrying the same classic mangalsutra beads but coming in bracelet varieties, wrist mangalsutras let you wear your commitment at the palm of your hand, quite literally. They are getting increasingly popular for the right reasons, some of which are listed below:

  1. They are fashion-forward:

Ena Mangalsutra Bracelet

For today's modern brides, wrist mangalsutras are a beautiful way to follow our culture while also retaining a modern sense of style and fashion. Unlike the orthodox and ornate appearance of a classic neck mangalsutra, these bracelets are innovative, sleek, sophisticated, and elegant. That’s why they are getting increasingly popular.

  1. They are subtle and minimalistic:

Not everyone is in-game with the idea of overtly flaunting their marital status; many people would prefer a slightly subtle and minimalistic approach to show their love for their vows. That’s where wrist mangalsutras come in super handy (quite literally). Their strategic location makes them covert enough to not shout out loud your marital status but eye-catching sufficient to convey your commitment.

  1. They are functional and versatile:

Tria Multi Solitaire Mangalsutra Bracelet

Wearing mangalsutra daily becomes more accessible than ever before with wrist mangalsutras, purely because they can be paired with any outfit, from western formal wear to casual Indian wear. Moreover, the amount of variety and diversity allows for ample versatile choices.

  1. They are gender-neutral:

Not only are they functional enough as an accessory to suit a man's and woman’s hands, but they are also beautiful enough to add a style value to the overall look. Navigating tradition can pose certain challenging questions to the values of equality. However, the gender neutrality of wrist mangalsutras is the perfect way to enter a new era of 9 marriages. So next time you go shopping for Indian artificial jewellery online, pick up some pieces.

  1. They have plenty of room to experiment:

Purely from a fashion standpoint, there is so much room to explore! Be it the use of precious stones, gold, silver, diamonds, and more. There’s something for everyone’s taste and preferences!

If you’re in two minds about what kind of mangalsutra you want to wear in your life’s new chapter, we’d highly suggest giving wrist mangalsutras a positive change. After all, they represent the best of fashion and tradition!