Check Out These 6 Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets for Your Upcoming Wedding

First of all, congratulations on stepping into this beautiful new beginning of life; we couldn’t be happier for you! We understand how stressful the whole process of planning a wedding can be, right from the technical aspects of logistics to the more extravagant elements of decor and fashion. Hence, in whatever capacity possible, we want to make your life easier in whatever capacity possible!

Putting together a grand wedding look is undoubtedly an arduous task since every part of the outfit must be carefully picked. At least for the jewellery section, we’ve got you covered! A bridal jewellery set usually consists of an elaborate neckpiece, earrings, and a maang tikka, plus and minus a few more accessories. Read on to explore 6 bridal jewellery sets that will captivatingly bedeck your outfit on your special day:

  1. Antique gold polki pearl set:

Akhila Polki Set with Enamel

If you want to go extremely traditional with your jewellery choice, antique gold polki pearls are a good choice. They complement the rich bridal reds and greens very well while also adding their unique charm to the overall look. When your wedding ensemble follows the classic bridal colours and patterns, this set would certainly complete the grandiose look!

  1. Kundan polki pearl set:

Do you want to scale all the way to the top of the high and mighty range of classic bridal jewellery without sticking to traditional colours? If yes, Kundan polki pearls are your go-to choice. The neutral colours in no way mask the glimmer and shine of the Kundan and pearls and still are versatile enough to go with mainstream bridal colours or unconventional ones. You can also indulge yourself with stunning heavy kundan bridal jewellery sets.

  1. Silver polki Kundan pearl set:

Pahara Bridal Set

A confluence of tradition and modernity, silver polki Kundan pearls are especially suitable for darker colours like purple, maroon, and turquoise, an intersection of tradition and modernity. They are a good choice if you want to adorn the traditional heritage of Indian jewellery without subscribing too much to its vintage roots. The silver is a breath of fresh air from the dominant gold options, making you stand apart from the bridal crowd!

  1. Antique gold choker set:

Ganapathy Choker Set

We have suggested this jewellery set purely because of its stunning design that makes the bride’s visage even more enchanting by leaps and bounds. Antique gold retains the influx of tradition into the bridal ensemble, whereas the choker design visually graces the face and neck to build an eye-catching appearance.

  1. Modern full silver stone set:

Analia Marquise Diamond Set

This one is for the free-spirited brides who want to deviate from the norm, in the truest sense of the word. A full silver set could be considered a bold and unconventional choice. Still, with a complementary pastel or floral lehenga, it’d make the bride look like the dream child of Indian wedding fashion and tradition!

  1. Bib diamond set:

Glen Emerald Diamond Set

A bib necklace refers to an ornate and broad necklace with large front coverings on the part of the chest. Bib diamond jewellery is among the upper echelons of bridal couture fashion in India and a must-have if you want to go all out with the grandeur of your bridal look. The jewellery is elaborate, heavy, intricate, detailed, extravagant, and regal all at once. It will indisputably make you feel like the queen that you are! You can also explore some exclusive diamond artificial jewellery sets for that special day!

We can’t wait to see you all dolled up, reminiscent of an actual goddess, when you pick your wedding jewellery and outfit and welcome this promising new chapter of life!