5 Jewellery Items Perfect For Gifting On Your Anniversary

First of all, congratulations on remembering your anniversary! You are among the select few who wouldn’t suffer the dire rage of your partner, and for that, you deserve a cookie! Jokes aside, we’re proud of you for wanting to make your significant other feel cherished on your special day, and hence we have brought you this carefully curated guide to support you in your endeavour to make them feel the happiest.

It can be a maze to navigate gifting in this increasingly digitised world, where there are so many competing options. And yet, jewellery as a choice seldom loses its charm, she will be happy to unwrap diamond artificial jewellery sets! In this article, we will take you through 5 gift ideas that will work wonders to woo your significant other and sweep them off their feet!

  1. Stone-studded choker:

Chunky Stone Choker

This is a perfect gift if you want to make your partner drop their jaw in awe. The ornate charm of such a choker is complemented by its intricate beauty, making for a very memorable present. Women can style this not just for a traditional outfit but also with an off-shoulder or deep neck dress, whereas men can revamp a traditional kurta look with this piece of glamour.  All in all, it’s an excellent choice for a more pompous show of affection.

  1. Chunky bracelet:

Crystalline Bracelet

Nothing clinks (and clicks) better together than two chunky bracelets worn by two people in love. A chunky metal bracelet is gender-neutral and a great styling accessory, elevating your entire look instantly. You could opt for a stone-studded bracelet if grandeur is your thing, or go for a sleek plain metal bracelet with geometric patterns for a more versatile investment.

  1. Statement cocktail ring:

Vintage Classic Ring

A statement cocktail ring, be it on a man or woman, can add pizazz to the simplest outfits by simply being a part of the ensemble. This is because, even as a detail in itself, the ring is highly captivating and makes anyone stand apart from the crowd. You could go for more stylish patterns that decorate the whole finger, stone-studded rings for a statement look, or chunkier metal ones suitable for casual and party wear.

  1. Ring sets:

Baguette Solitaire Ring With Band

This gift is especially suitable for newlywed couples who can still afford to access the ‘coolness’ quotient in their everyday looks. While rose gold and gold ring sets are quite sophisticated and elegant, silver rings, often a popular choice, are much cooler and stylish for everyday wear. Both men and women can wear these rings casually or for special occasions.  It’s that one styling piece that adds a subtle serving of nonchalant fashion to your everyday meal. Be ready to buy diamond rings online.

  1. Classic diamond jewellery set:

The Basic Diamond Set

The safest of the safest bets on anniversary day is going the old school way, that is, gifting a classic diamond jewellery set. You can look into diamond pendants, bracelets, studs or dangling earrings, and even customised rings for your significant other. The timeless beauty of diamonds shall aptly testify to the love for your partner. This choice will never let you down in the gifting department! 

So with these five jewellery items, you can definitely make your partner fall in love with you all over again.