5 Tips for Buying The Right Authentic Jadau Jewellery Online

Jadau jewellery is a prized outcome of the exceptional indigenous art of jewellery making where pure gold is heated and beaten into a malleable liquid form into which precious stones are then placed without any adhesive or carvings. Jadau jewellery occupies an integral place in the hearts of all ethnic lovers, often being a part of an ancestral tradition of heirlooms passed down from generations.

Jadaau Tanmaniya

These jewels (pun intended) of pure handwork and excellent craftsmanship make for priceless additions to ethnic ensembles, making them perfect for traditional events. Given how concentrated their production is to the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, it can be tricky to trust the buyers of jadau jewellery online. You can also find some amazing collection of artificial jadau jewellery online. The following tips will help find the right and most authentic form of jadau jewellery from the comfort of your homes:

  1. Check the purity of gold:

Every e-commerce website has a section describing the specifications of the jewel piece listed, and jadau jewellery is no exception. Ensure that the purity of gold for the casing is not below 22k, as that compromises the authenticity of jadau jewellery.

  1. Opt for kadas or earrings:

Roohi Jadaau Set

Because jadau jewellery looks so ornate and regal in its own right, it’s not suitable for casual everyday wear. Kadas or earrings can still be paired with minimalistic Indian fits for an event that’s important enough for you to stand out but not as grand as your wedding.

  1. Check out the jewellery’s weight:

Jadau jewellery is pure gold with precious stones. That is why its weight must, to some extent, justify its high price. Checking for how much the piece weighs gives you a good idea about its purity and authenticity.

  1. Go for natural stones:

Navratna Jadaau Bangle Set

Treatments sometimes reduce the value and life of the jewellery piece. If you’re looking to make a full-blown investment in jadau jewellery, try to choose the ones with natural and untreated stones.

  1. Cost-effectiveness might not be the best priority:

The temptation to prefer cheaper products over their expensive counterparts is real; we are conditioned to make cost-effective choices. However, this might not be the best way to approach jadau jewellery, or, any kind of ethnic jewellery. The process of making jadau is extremely lengthy and elaborate. Hence, a high price only speaks of its pricelessness and authenticity.

Buying something as extravagant and royal as jadau online can indeed feel stressful and unreliable for many of us. However, with these tips, rest assured that you will emerge victorious with the best deal that’ll stay with you for life!