Here’s How You Can Pair Kundan Imitation Jewellery With Crepe and Chiffon Sarees

With a rich legacy of more than 2,500 years, Kundan is among the oldest types of jewellery in India. Kundan refers to the purest and most highly refined forms of gold, and naturally, the jewellery chronicles a rich heritage of the grandest pieces of gold jewellery. While real Kundan jewellery can easily burn a hole in your pocket, its imitation alternatives are much more cost-efficient. The kundan imitation jewellery pieces are ideal for practically every occasion that isn’t your own wedding, and hardly anyone would be able to tell the difference!

What happens when you pair the rich tradition of Kundan jewellery with another wonderful tradition found in Indian ethnic wear? That’s right; we are talking about sarees! Crepe and chiffon sarees, in particular, are known for their age-defying beauty, grace, and elegance. In this blog, we’ll give you styling tips to bring together the best of both these worlds in some stunning silhouettes that will make many heads turn!

Crepe and chiffon sarees are known for their flowy, soft, sensuous, and youthful appeal. On the other hand, Kundan is ornate, heavily traditional, and fancy. How do you deal with these almost opposites to create a magnificent but elegant look? Simple, you only choose one jewellery piece to be the accessory highlight of your look. The sarees accentuate your beauty and silhouette, where a solo accessory piece of flamboyant Kundan bedecks your visage. Let us illustrate with examples.

Antique Kundan Chandbali

A crepe saree can be worn with a pair of Kundan chandbalis, whose antique appeal offsets the charm of a crepe saree. Furthermore, they are majestic enough to stand out from the crowd without needing any complementary jewellery.

Piddhisi Maangtika

Your look, as a result, is not too overstated but also not plain or basic. You could also experiment with a kundan maang tikka while leaving your neck empty and donning simple kundan studs.

Kaveri Kundan studs with Pearl Drop

The maang tikka is alluring as a jewellery variety in itself, lending an air of style and ethnic pomp to even the most minimalistic saree. The heavy kundan bridal jewellery would only elevate the entire ensemble!

Lolita Poki Pearl Set

For a chiffon saree, a kundan choker with pearls embedded in it spells out glorious and gorgeous loud and clear! Simple stud earrings can then complete the whole look. The heavy necklace and the relatively graceful chiffon saree will make a beautifully classy combination, perfect for a family function.

Long Diamond Chandbali

Another accessory you can check out is a diamond chandbali, which can be worn as is without the need to wear any other accessories. It is not as traditional as a wedding jewellery piece but not too western-looking to underwhelm a chiffon saree. Thus, it’s perfect for a modern Indian look!

Sarees and Kundan are lovers matched in heaven. So go ahead and enjoy their romance as much as you can!