5 Minimalistic Jewellery You Need To Have in Your Collection

The turn of the decade has redefined how we view ‘less’ and ‘more’ in the realm of fashion. Instead, it has brought ‘less is more’ back into fashion! It is no surprise then that minimalism is ruling the hearts of many fashion trends and styles today. Minimalistic jewellery is chic, elegant, and highly stylish. It does not add any unsettling gaudiness or flamboyance to an extravagant outfit. At the same time, it still manages to lend an air of subtle glam and pointed finesse to an otherwise simple outfit. In other words, it’s a perfect must-have for any accessory closet! While shopping for Indian artificial jewellery online, look for these jewellery pieces.

Minimalistic jewellery today has diversified into many designs and varieties, and it could get challenging to keep up with this unending diversity in the face of its rising popularity. Hence, we want you to focus on only the absolute classics of minimalistic jewellery that your collection must have, pieces that will add value to any outfit and style.

  1. Diamond studs:

50 Cent Round Solitaire

You can never go wrong with diamond studs, can you? These classic beauties are versatile, timeless, and exuberant in their grace. They are perfect for regular wear, a cocktail party, formal wear, college wear, and even small-knit family functions. Regardless of what traditional or western outfit you’ve put on, these studs will refine and polish your whole look!

  1. A single pendant:

80 cents Pear Shaped Solitaire Pendant Chain

A single pendant in an accessory closet is akin to a pair of blue jeans in a fashion closet; it can go with literally anything and everything. It is one of those absolute must-haves for every woman since it confidently bedecks every outfit despite being dainty. The power of minimalism, isn’t it?

  1. A neat choker:

Nandini Choker Set

Many eyebrows might raise at us calling a choker a minimalistic accessory, but hear us out. A neat stone-cut choker with stud earrings presents the best of minimalism in indo-western jewellery. Paired with a hefty salwar suit or a western dress, it is subtle enough to look elegant and alluring to make for a fine fashion statement. It’s a must-have on the heavier side of the minimalism spectrum.

  1. Statement earrings:

The Famous Earring in Baroque

A pair of statement earrings not only epitomises the best of minimalism but also showcases the way in one which singular detail can make a world of difference in an outfit. Statement earrings are stylish, polished, sophisticated, and most undoubtedly eye-catching. These contemporary earrings make for the perfect chic companion on a crucial workday, an after-work party, a cocktail evening, or an exciting date night!

  1. Semi-hoop earrings with pearls:

Settle for Havana Earrings

Another addition to the perfect chic companion mentioned above! They are reasonably minimalistic yet extremely cute and dainty, perfect for a lovely day out. The hoop shape gives them a youthful vibe, while the pearl detailings make them adaptable enough to be paired off with casual, traditional, and western wear.

These jewellery pieces are enough to bring the elegance of minimalism to your everyday style. Invest in these today to make your simple looks more chic and classy!