How To Style Your Diamond Sheeshpatti? Here Are Some Stunning Ideas

Sheeshpatti might be a headgear that originated from Rajasthan, but it has in no capacity been limited to enjoying popularity just there. In fact, these traditional head accessories have won the hearts of Indian brides and ethnic bridal fashion enthusiasts across the world. Often considered a regal bridal accessory, sheeshpattis are rooted in Indian culture, heritage, and art. It’s no surprise that they come in a wide variety of patterns and colours, from classic Kundan to elegant diamonds. And each one of them is a piece to reckon with!

Now that it is prime wedding season, we’ve brought you a few styling ideas to rock a stunning diamond sheeshpatti on your big day. Trust us; you’d want to give them a try!

Diamond Sheeshpatti
  1. Don them on a neat bun:

A neat low bun is the classic bridal hairstyle in India, and luckily, you can style a diamond sheeshpatti just perfectly with this hairstyle. It will complement your entire visage and lehenga, especially with a pallu over your head.

  1. Keep it youthful and elegant with a side braid:

Side braids are trending with some younger brides, owing to their youthfulness and charm. Diamond sheeshpattis can also be styled with this hairstyle, giving it a layer of heritage and royalty. Even without a pallu, your face will be a force of beauty!

  1. Pick out a few hair tendrils for a delicate look:

For those wanting to experiment with a lighter wedding look, you can leave some strands of hair on your face and don a diamond sheeshpatti over your hair that is slicked back into a bun. Your look will be the right amount of grace and splendour!

  1. Pair it with overstated earrings:

When it comes to jewellery, more is less on the big day, isn’t it? Fortunately, diamond sheeshpattis rarely makes for a tacky look. They can be easily paired with heavy statement earrings that brides love!

  1. Keep it simple with a choker set:

Who said you couldn’t express your love for minimalism through a diamond sheeshpatti? For a simpler look, pair it with a classic choker necklace set and let your visual wow the entire audience!

Simple Diamond HairBand

  1. Try a slicked-back open-hair look:

A hair-down look is usually unconventional for Indian brides. However, that’s not to say you can’t experiment with it. In fact, pairing a diamond sheeshpatti will add the perfect dust of ethnic grandeur and opulence to the modern hair-do. Win-win!

  1. Don’t forget an ornate nose ring:

We personally believe there isn’t a better finishing touch than an oversized nosering for your bridal outfit. What noserings do for your face, diamond sheeshpattis do for your hair. Together, they both make your visage flawlessly enrapturing and boundlessly regal!

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