Quick Tips To Match Your Bridal Jewellery Sets With Your Bridal Outfit

Now that we’re officially in the middle of wedding season, it is about time to start planning your wedding wardrobe, particularly your bridal look for the wedding ceremony. But, what to choose first, the outfit or the jewellery? Quite a tricky space to be in, yes? You don't want to go wrong with either; your bridal jewellery is an heirloom investment that must be taken seriously, while your bridal outfit is a culmination of your wedding dreams and fashion inspirations. Each of them is inextricably linked to making your D-day perfect and memorable. After all, these pictures and memories will be your once-in-time memoirs for life!

That is why we have built this simple guide to help you figure out how to choose your Indian bridal jewellery sets online and bridal outfit in a way that clicks and fits together. These tips will go a long way in guiding your wedding shopping sprees!

  1. Pearls and pastels are a match made in heaven:

Chandni Heavy Polki Set

Do we need to explain this? Pastels have been all the rage every wedding season since the iconic Virushka wedding. We’re not complaining; pastel bridal outfits are spectacular and fascinating. On the other hand, pearls are a great jewellery choice for brides looking to embrace sophistication, subtle luxury, and unparalleled elegance. Together, they’d make a great pair to dazzle you on your big day.

  1. When in doubt, go for polkis:

Badhaaiyan Big Polki Bridal Choker Set

If you haven’t thought of your wedding lehenga but want to get your jewellery right first, blindly go for polki sets. They are highly versatile and go with all bridal colours- red, green, the occasional violet and maroon, and pastels. You’ll have an elaborate range of jewellery options at your disposal, giving you plenty of choices to choose your pick. Plus, polkis are as regal as they get!

  1. Keep your neckline in mind: 

Shravani Pastel Pitara Polki Set

Choose your necklace based on your neckline, and vice versa if you haven’t made that choice yet. For instance, chokers and low necklines go really well, while a higher neckline is quite suitable for ornate haars and layering. Similarly, a round or v-neck can be paired with a necklace closer to the neck. Buy your long Indian earrings online carefully so that everything is in sync. 

  1. Experiment with less popular bridal jewellery:

Anupama Polki Pastel Long Set

Wedding jewellery is not just about necklaces, earrings, kadas, rings, and the like. There are so many unique options available to stand out from the bridal crowd and make your look a style statement. You can look at incorporating a waist belt in your outfit for a divine goddess-like look. Of course, maang tikkas and nose rings are always a great choice and can be easily matched with any bridal outfit. 

  1. Contrast your colours: 

Fluoride Crystal Nama Choker Set

Many style icons have sworn by this combination for their traditional/wedding outfits. Instead of going for a safe choice and pairing colour with colour, give your outfit a fashionable spin and go for contrasts. In practice, pair a red or pink outfit with emeralds and a green outfit with rubies. Similarly, go for an eye-popping colour against yellow or white outfits while opting for colourless pearls and polkis in the case of both pastels as well as brightly coloured lehengas.