4 Tips To Layer Your Jewellery Without Creating a Mess

Layering jewellery has probably been one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022. This method of accessorising oneself has been especially popular among the Gen Z segment. However, millennials haven’t been too far behind in catching up. The stunning end result combines two diametrically opposite fashion qualities- sophistication and edge. Due to this unique feat, rest assured that jewellery layering is here to stay!

It can easily slip up and become a major fashion faux pas while layering your ethnic jewellery. The chances of mess-making are much higher if you go by the saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth. But, ‘the more, the merrier also exists, doesn’t it? This blog will give you a few simple tips that will help you transition from the former to the latter while layering your jewellery.

  1. Alternate between textures:

Teresa Diamond Choker Set

This tip is especially for layering necklaces or playing around with multiple rings. Try to combine necklaces and rings of varying textures, weights, and densities to achieve a stunning and stylish look. One example can be pairing a statement choker with a dainty and minimalistic pendant chain. Similarly, you could layer a shorter necklace studded with pearls on a slightly longer chain studded with a lone pendant. For rings, you can go for a diverse adornment for your fingers that vary in size, design, and thickness.

  1. Add varying lengths:

You can treat this as a thumb rule for layering necklaces. While layering necklaces, make sure they are of different lengths. Otherwise, your neck would look unkempt and chunky with a disorganised and entangled bunch of necklaces. Variety in length gives layered necklaces their impressive edge and sophistication. The necklaces need not be central; they just need to be different in length.

  1. Play with the metals:

Extendable Dual Drop Solitaire Necklace

We don’t know how the rumour came about that layered simple artificial jewellery must only be of one metal/colour for it to look good because it couldn’t be further away from the truth! Feel free to mix a silver choker chain with a long gold pendant or a rose gold necklace. Don’t avoid pairing silver dangling earrings with gold studs. The end result will be worth watching as long as there is some synergy to the chaos.

  1. Don’t go too overboard:

Pinstripe Western Bracelet

Another risk of layering jewellery does not realise when is a good time to stop. Sometimes, it gets too late, leaving you with a chunky and overwhelming mass of jewellery on your neck, ears, or hands. An excellent way to correct this is to remove the last bit of jewellery you wore and see if the look still feels complete. If it does, you are good to go!

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