5 Artificial Jewellery Myths That Need To Be Busted!

Artificial jewellery is an irreplaceable asset to your fashion closet; it is all you need to take your daily looks from 100 to 1000! With such endless utility, there ideally shouldn’t be any barriers stopping you from doing an artificial jewellery haul. However, to our utter dismay, many misconceptions exist around artificial jewellery that many prospective connoisseurs are discouraged to take the leap. Right from questions on quality to doubts about longevity, the prejudices around these pieces are infinite, despite all the advantages they offer!

The truth remains that simple artificial jewellery is among the best investments you can make in your sense of style and fashion. That is why, in this blog, we shall bust some common myths around this type of jewellery so that you can confidently browse through our store and purchase all that you want!

  1. Artificial jewellery is not very durable:

A Twist to my Wrist Tennis Bracelet

The most common myth about artificial fashion jewellery is that it breaks easily or doesn’t last longer. This couldn’t be farther away from the truth! Granted, cheap quality jewellery raises durability concerns; however, if you buy certified branded jewellery from reliable and trustworthy stores like Attrangi, your jewellery will surely outlive you! Always look for appropriate quality checks whenever you make a purchase, and verify the seller's credibility before purchasing those fancy diamond earrings.

  1. It doesn’t have many options with gemstones:

Tooti Fruity Gemstone Tennis Bracelet

The biggest advantage of artificial jewellery is its staggeringly enormous variety. People particularly interested in building a collection of gemstone-studded, vibrant jewellery should not be deterred by this myth. The fact remains that there are endless jewellery options available across necklaces, earrings, rings, and more that tastefully use gemstones. All you need to do is find the right brand that creates them. For instance, our store offers multiple designs with an artistic network. Check them out here!

  1. Only silver jewellery qualifies as artificial jewellery:

Laila Long Jadau Pearl Earrings

This is another myth that arises out of a lack of understanding of how variety in jewellery works. Artificial jewellery has a host of ranges to offer- Kundan, jadau, floral, gold, pearl, oxidised, gemstone-studded, and much more. A casual browse through our store will give you an idea of how much more there is to artificial jewellery! Just check out our heavy kundan bridal jewellery and be ready to be mesmerized!

  1. You can’t wear gold and silver together:

Revised Aziza Jadaau Set

Just because you bought silver jewellery doesn’t mean you can’t dip your feet in gold! With the right styling and accessories, you can easily pull off both colours in one look. Don’t let this styling myth stop you from investing in a beautiful silver and gold jewellery variety.

  1. It doesn’t look as sophisticated or classy:

Georgia Diamond Set

Last but not least, the cost-friendliness of artificial jewellery is often equated to compromising on its elegance and class. However, if you buy it from the right place, like Attrangi, artificial jewellery can pack every bit of grandeur, sophistication, and beauty expected from real jewellery.

There you have it! With this renewed clarity, shop for artificial jewellery from our online store as much as your heart desires!