6 Tips To Help You Choose the Perfect Bridal Jewellery Sets for Your Wedding

Getting your D-day right in every possible way is one of the many dreams of fresh brides-to-be. However, the furore and cacophony around planning a wedding often blur all the series of events leading up to the grand wedding. Amidst all this chaos, the last thing you want to stress over is your bridal outfit! Trust us, slacking off in this department is just not worth it. And if you are to take your rightful place at the centre of the spotlight on your wedding day, you best believe you’ve got to pay attention to choosing the right bridal look!

A bridal look is not just the lehenga and the makeup; jewellery plays a massive role in bringing together the royalty and regality expected from a bridal silhouette. In this blog, we’ll take you through 6 tips that’ll help you navigate the quagmire of bridal jewellery and make the perfect choice for your big day!

1. Less is more:

Deepti Delicate Necklace Set

Don’t go for excessively gaudy bridal sets with multiple jewellery pieces. Instead of looking grand and royal, they’ll only end up creating a tacky and over-the-top look. For instance, if you are wearing an elaborate nose ring and maang tikka, make sure your earrings and necklace are not highly superfluous. Similarly, if you want to wear a choker necklace and long haar, try easy on the head accessories and earrings. Start exploring Indian bridal jewellery sets with price to select the ideal piece.

2. Choose jewellery that accentuates your outfit:

Noor Ul Ain Bridal Set

This is quite a no-brainer, isn’t it? It won’t make sense to wear a long haar on a deep-necked choli or pastel jewellery set with a classic red lehenga. Choose your jewellery according to the colour and pattern of your wedding outfit. For instance, pastels, polki, and Kundan go well with floral and lighter-toned bridal outfits. For the classic colours of red and green, you can explore options in Kundan, gold, jadau, and more.

3. Go for something you'll wear later:

Emaairah Bridal Set

It doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on bridal jewellery only for it to be boxed away and stored in the family vault. Go for individual jewellery pieces that can be paired with traditional outfits later on, even if you can’t find an occasion to wear the entire jewellery ensemble. Hence, choose jewellery designs that are timeless and versatile.

4. The earrings should match your hairstyle:

The only rule for the perfect bridal visage is that your earrings should complement your hairstyle and vice versa. Long dangling earrings with up-do hairstyles go very well together, whereas side braids and half-up hair can be paired with ornate studs. Look for stylish earrings online that match your style.

  1. Buy detachable heavy jewellery pieces:

Kalpana Choker Set

Detachable jewellery refers to heavy jewellery pieces that can be broken down into smaller minimalistic styles, each of which can be worn separately. Investing in such pieces will surely give you the bang for your buck and leave you with many more jewellery styles to explore even after your wedding.

  1. Choose maang tikka’s size according to your forehead:

Neelam Maangtika

Maang tikka is an integral part of bridal jewellery. In fact, it has the power to change the look of the entire face. A wrong sized maang tikka can mar your whole bridal visage. Choose your maang tikka’s size according to the size and shape of your forehead. Large motifs suit large foreheads, while small vertical maang tikkas suit small ones. Heavy-chained maang tikkas look great on wide foreheads. Similarly, choose the one right for you!

All eyes are on you on your wedding day. With the bridal jewellery sets available on our website, make that count!