Let’s Hop On to Some Spring Trends for Indian Bridal Jewellery

Spring weddings are easily among the favourite events of wedding connoisseurs and fashion lovers. The bright sun matched by vibrant colours makes every beautiful wedding memory even more worthy of being cherished and reminisced. As we approach the same, it’s time to start browsing through the countless jewellery trends that exist to bedeck every summer bride with the nostalgic beauty of spring! Right from attractive stones to elegant pastels, summer jewellery infuses the best of Indian heritage pieces with the sophistication of modern design.

The vast repository is practically impossible to go through; we have curated a list of the best spring and summer jewellery trends. These few styles will make your bridal outfit shine through brighter than the summer sun!

  1. Pastel Guttapusalu set:

Avantika Pastel Guttapusalu

Guttapusalu is a traditional necklace design from the Coromandel coast of India. Known as the ‘bank of beads’, this classic design is known for the distinctive way pearls hang at the bottom of the necklace. Pastels and emerald embellishments add an elegant edge to this piece of heritage jewellery, and the matching earrings finish the majestic look. If you love ethnic jewellery you should give this a try.

  1. Multilayered Maharani haar:

Nazneen Rani Haar

Magnificent. Grand. Regal. Every word associated with ‘Maharani’ can be used for this necklace. That’s why it’s called what it’s called! The multiple layers of pearls are all hand-made, giving it an extremely intricate and well-crafted finish. If you want to go royal for your jewellery, even within the space of spring jewellery, this is the one for you!

  1. Antique temple jewellery set:

Devadarshini Long Temple Jewellery Set

It’s rare to venture across a piece of hand-carved temple jewellery. This set comes with heavy gold work with beautiful deities embedded within the metal. Antique and eye-catching, this jewellery set will make your bridal look immortal in the pages of history; extra compliments will be added!

  1. Ornate statement rings:

Roop Nihar Ring

It’s unfortunate how little is the attention devoted to rings in the gamut of bridal jewellery, especially when they work such wonders in bedecking the henna-decorated hands of the lovely bride! Captivating, highly intricate, and positively glimmering, ornate statement rings are perfect for your summer bridal jewellery. All your wedding photos will seem much grander with these rings adorning your fingers! While exploring artificial jadau jewellery online, pick up some stunning pieces!

  1. Minimalistic jewellery designs:

Rubab Midline choker

Minimalistic necklaces like a midline choker are perfect for brides wanting to keep it subtle and classy. Another option is pairing such chokers with an elaborate long necklace to create a royal bridal look. Of course, you can play with colours such as rose gold and pastels to keep the summer vibe alive!

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