These Indo-Western Earrings Are a Must-Have in Your Jewellery Collection

Indo-western jewellery has some of the most artistic, experimental, unique, and sophisticated pieces you’d ever lay your eyes and hands-on. Besides, what else would you expect from the amalgamation of Indian heritage and western modernism? Bringing the best of both worlds together, Indo-western jewellery has versatility and dynamism inbuilt within its very essence. Your accessory closet is indeed incomplete without the presence of all that this segment of jewellery has to offer!

This is why we have specially curated this list of selected Indo-western jewellery pieces that you must have in your wardrobe. They’re grace and elegance, and they will surely accentuate much more than your face!

  1. Four bulb studs:

Four Bulb Studs

With these fashionable studs, you will be hula-hooping with high-end fashion, quite literally! Designed as a large gold hoop with 4 protruding bulb-shaped stones in a gentle blue colour, this Indo-western find will elevate any casual outfit in an instant. Pair these Indo western earrings with a statement ring and bracelet for special occasions, and you’re good to go.

  1. Flora in Cape Town:

Flora In Cape Town

For those nights when you want to introduce a glam version of yourself to the world, these earrings will be a befitting companion. Bedecked with stunning detailings in a classy leaf shape design, these earrings are further dusted with gold to complete a truly artistic look. Their dainty size, however, favourably prevents them from going too overboard!

  1. All eyes on Turkey earrings:

All Eyes On Turkey Earrings

Here’s your chance to bring the Turkish culture to your ears, and no we are not talking about music! These stud earrings have a stylised evil eye design with colours and embellishments that will transport you back to the busy markets of turkey. The vibrant colours can be easily contrasted with any Indian or western outfit. If you are looking for artificial earrings online then you should definitely get this.

  1. Pear drop stone age fall earrings:

Pear Drop Stone Age Fall Earring

You have just found your next party accessory that shall make many heads turn! Designed with gorgeous large pearls bound in a sleek gold lining, these danglers are perfect for a fun day out or a formal cocktail party. The red pearl drop is the accessory-world version of mic-drop here!

  1. Hooman earrings:

Hooman Earrings

These vibrant earrings combine beautiful agate and druzy stones to produce a path-breaking accessory that will turn any outfit into a fashion statement. Wear these for a casual outing or a fun night out without any fuss; they’re as light as they are gorgeous.

What are you waiting for? Get all these styles on our website and build your dream jewellery closet today!