6 Chic Yet Comfortable Office Wear Jewellery Pieces You Need This Summer

Summer is the best time to bring out your lightweight jewellery pieces and flaunt various minimalistic styles every day. Now that most offices work on a hybrid model, there is all the more reason why you should upgrade your accessory closet. Office wear can be styled with some of the most sophisticated pieces of artificial jewellery, giving you classy formal looks almost every day. Specifically, summer jewellery trends are highly suitable for office wear and will provide you with the boss woman persona you deserve!

Go through some of the best summer office wear jewellery pieces we have discovered that can elevate your daily office wear and enrich your accessory closet for the rest of the year:

  1. Rome with Gelato’s earrings:

Rome with Gelato’s Earring

Unlike mainstream and boring studs, these mother of pearl earrings come in a unique ice candy shape. Their subtle design and finish make them perfect for office wear, whether a simple shirt-trouser combo or an elaborate bodycon dress. Furthermore, their fun shape indeed adds a bit of spunk to an otherwise monotonous workday!

  1. Swaying in Bali earrings:

Swaying in Bali Earrings

Ever owned a pair of earrings that channelled your inner boss woman and your beach party animal? The wait for your dreams is finally over. This stunningly bedazzled set will make you stand out at your workplace and a summer cocktail party. A truly multi-purpose investment! If you are currently searching for stylish earrings online, then definitely grab this pair!

  1. Girl in Missouri earrings:

Girl in Missouri Earrings

Inspired by ‘I know why the caged birds sing’ by Maya Angelou from Missouri, these earrings are the epitome of elegance and empowerment. Hence, they make for an appropriate accessory addition to your daily formal wear. The polished gold metalwork lends an air of class to its unique design, which is guaranteed to attract many eyeballs!

  1. 5 drops delicate Polki necklace:

5 Drop Delicate Polki Necklace
This uncut diamond necklace comes with a delicate chain to create a dainty and minimalistic summer design that conveys grace and class. Paired with formal suits, blouses, and dresses, this necklace will add a lot of merit to your office wear fashion. Start stocking up on beautiful simple artificial jewellery items.

  1. Navratna evil eye pendant chain:

Navratna Evil Eye Pendant Chain

Another charming addition to dainty office wear jewellery is our navratna pendant chain with the evil eye in the centre. The pendant comes with multi-coloured stone embellishments, and the thin gold chain makes it a versatile accessory that can go with every kind of formal outfit.

  1. Multi slim band ring:

Multi Slim Band Ring

This gorgeously detailed cocktail ring has a neat lining of diamonds that adds to its sophistication and elegance. Despite being so embellished, the ring is minimalistic and posh enough to complement regular office wear. Its eye-catching appeal and refined design will surely take your formal looks a notch higher

All these styles are available to shop on our online store so check them out today!