Stock Up on These 5 Timeless Ethnic Jewellery Pieces To Rock Your Lehenga Look

The wedding season is coming up (again), and we couldn't be more excited! There are so many new trends that have already found a strong foothold in the world of wedding fashion; it'd be a shame to miss out on them. Right from the bright hues of red and green to the subtle vibe of pastels, there is something for every preference of jewellery-lehenga combinations.

If you're anxious about starting your jewellery shopping and are unsure what pieces to invest in, we've got you covered! Below is a list of a few timeless ethnic jewellery pieces including Indian bridal jewellery sets with price that will surely make you look like a goddess in your lehenga:

  1. Ketaki polki choker set:

Ketaki Polki Choker Set

A classic statement piece of Indian jewellery, this set comes with blue enamel detailing, lots of pearls, and lots of polkis. The elaborate design and soft metal colours make it as versatile as regal. Be prepared to make many heads turn with the dangling earrings in this set!

  1. Zakia set:


Embedded with beautiful rubies and diamonds, this jadau set comes with jhalaars and matching katli-style earrings. The entire set is characterised by a striking jadau design that is perfect for a big fat Indian wedding. This set is also extremely versatile.

  1. Aqsa jadau choker set:

Aqsa Jadaau Choker Set

If you're a fan of vibrant jewellery, you will fall in love with this set. This set takes the vibrancy of rubies and emeralds, combines them with extremely minute metal detailing, and gives you a set that is both gorgeous and royal. Add imitation gold bangles to complete the look.

  1. Jaanki overpowering bead choker set:

Jaanki Overpowering Bead Choker Set

A supremely stylish ethnic jewellery option, this choker set is chic, sophisticated, and statement all at once. The choker is lined with large purple beads with a hero motif in the centre and comes with oversized ornate earrings. This set is best paired with stylish sarees and lehengas.

  1. Rangmanch choker set:

Rangmanch Choker Set

Another win for lovers of colour, this choker set comes with multicoloured stones bedecking the bottom line of the choker. The set is then embedded with pearls and diamonds within a gold frame, giving it the classic ethnic polish. The set is suitable for day events during weddings.

With these one-time investments, you won't have to worry about your wedding jewellery being out of fashion. Get all these timeless sets on our online store with just a click!