How To Choose the Right Artificial Necklace Design Based on Your Neckline?

Necklaces are a favourite piece of jewellery across the spectrum of jewellery enthusiasts; the novices are curious about styling the suitable necklaces, while the connoisseurs can’t get enough of them while building an envious collection. Their popularity clearly stems from the fact that they can instantly elevate any outfit from 10 to 100. Eye-catching as they are, they also add loads of value from a fashion perspective, all the while enhancing the focus on what you’re wearing. Needless to say, necklaces are a befitting complement to any outfit of yours!

Therefore, it’s very important to wear a necklace that goes with the neckline of your outfit to optimally make the best of it, you should pick up some stylish earrings online to create a stunning look. A great necklace and a great dress would still not look well-putted if the former doesn’t go well with the neckline of the latter. Fret not; this comprehensive guide will give you essential tips on different styling necklines so that you can make the best accessory choice without any doubts.

  1. Turtle necks:

Emerald Cushion Cut Pendant Set

Turtle necks inherently accentuate the torso and the collarbone area. Hence, a long necklace is perfect for such necks. Simpler looks can be made with a minimalistic pendant chain, while bolder looks can be effortlessly created by pairing multiple long necklaces.

  1. Boat necks:

Statement Long Necklace

You can balance the horizontal neckline typical of a boat neck by wearing a long necklace or pendant chain. Ornate haars for a more special occasion work really well to accentuate a boat neckline for traditional outfits.

  1. V-necks:

Venice Necklace

The depth of a V-neck outfit is well complemented by a V-shaped necklace that closely follows the neckline. For formal looks, you can easily add a layer of sophistication for formal looks with classy Y-shaped pendant chains.

  1. Cowl necks:

3 Layer Baroque Pearl Statement Mala

The gathered neckline intrinsic to cowl neck dresses can be beautifully elevated with short and dainty pendant necklaces. If you want to go for something more eye-catching, put on a classy diamond or short pearl necklace.

  1. Collars:

Make A Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces and chokers are perfectly suited for collars as well as collared shirts. They enhance the neck as the focal point and make for extremely stylish looks. Of course, a short pendant chain is another safe option for everyday looks.

  1. Halter necks:

Falak Choker Set

A short pendant to enhance the deep-cut of halter necklines is ideal for such dresses. Alternatively, for fancier looks, you can look into stylish contemporary chokers. Indian-style chokers work well for the traditional version of these fancy looks. Look for some magnificent neckpieces while shopping for kundan imitation jewellery.

  1. Square necks:

Yellow Spikes Necklace

Square necks are tricky to accessorise owing to their angular design. However, a good geometric necklace with minimal work can add the required oomph to amp up your look. You could also experiment with chokers and pendant chains depending on how heavy you want your style to be.

  1. Crew-cut necks:

Rubab Midline choker

Princess length necklaces, bibs or collar neck pieces can make a crew-cut neckline extremely flattering by elongating your neck. While styling such necklines, make sure that the necklace sits a bit below the neckline.

  1. Tube tops:

Jaanki Amethyst Bead Choker Set

Tube tops are great to show off your collarbones, shoulders, and decolletage. Hence, you need necklaces like a statement choker to further flatter the neckline. For casual looks, pendant chains are a great option too.

  1. Sweetheart necks:

Pret 5 layer Mala

If you are not layering your necklaces, make sure that you style a sweetheart neckline with more voluminous pieces, such as a collar necklace or a broad neck piece. For layering purposes, you can choose a choker and a longer chain.

Now that you know what necklace goes with what neckline head to our online store and build your necklace collection today perfectly in sync with your wardrobe!