From Parties to Brunches, These Pendant Sets Are a Must-Have!

Are you looking to amp up your style factor for the next social event? Do you not know where to start from, though? Are you curious to experiment with the OG fashion upgrade, i.e. accessories? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s nothing like a good pendant set to elevate any outfit, especially when it’s for a social event where all eyes would be scrutinising your sense of fashion. The best part is that one set is all it takes to bedeck your ears and neck, with no error margin for any fashion faux pas. Don’t want to risk any kind of negative judgements? Invest in these classy and elegant pendant sets that will surely get you many compliments at your next party or brunch!

  1. Oval Solitaire Pendant Set:

Oval Solitaire Pendant Set

You can never go wrong with a solitaire! This effortlessly classy and minimalistic pendant set is perfect for daily wear and a unique social gathering. Pair it with a shirt or a casual dress, and you’re good to go! It comes with matching solitaire studs that bring the whole elegant look together. You could also add this to your office wear jewellery stash!

  1. Heart-Shaped Pendant Set

Heart Shaped Pendant Set

Another masterclass in minimalism, this pretty set screams of all things youthful, dainty, and elegant. The matching studs add a layer of wholesomeness to the entire visage, while the beautiful diamond work lends a lot of class to the set. Pair it with any summer outfit for your next party or brunch.

  1. Tiny Coloured Doublet Pendant Chain:

Tiny Colored Doublet Pendant Chain

Want to add some colour to your look? This pendant is the perfect companion for you! It comes in three striking shades of red, green, and blue, with matching studs. Despite the vibrant colour of the double inverted pearls, its overall design and polished metal chain make it worthy of being paired with any kind of outfit, regardless of the colour. Win-win situation, isn’t it?

  1. Pastel Mitali Pendant Set:

Pastel Mitali Pendant Set

Who knew polkis could ever look so dainty yet regal? This pendant set is perfect if you want to rock an elegant salwar suit or saree for your next social gathering. With a beautiful polki pendant underlined by a pearl drop and matching polki jhumkis, this set will indeed become your next favourite piece of traditional Indian jewellery. Get some Indian earrings online to go with them.

  1. Shabana Kharbujaa Pendant Set:

Shabana Kharbujaa Pendant Set

If you’re looking for something a bit more ornate and royal for the next big brunch or cocktail party, you won’t find a better option than this set. The beaded chain culminates into an eye-catching pendant with a stone bulb available in emerald and ruby colours, a design also characteristic of its earrings. Put on a simple saree or a pretty kurti with it, and you’ll love what you see in the mirror!

You can shop for all these sets on our online store from the comfort of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Head to our website and rock your next social event with ease and grace!