Jewellery Organisation Ideas To Keep Your Artificial Jewellery Sorted

Buying your favourite artificial jewellery pieces is probably the most exciting thing about building a jewellery collection. However, organising it is just as important, if not more. You practically won’t quite have a collection if you don’t sort and store your pieces in an organised and decluttered manner. Additionally, the error margin of losing pieces is very high if you don’t store your simple artificial jewellery properly. And, of what use is buying the best of artificial jewellery if you won’t be able to find it when you need it the most?

Fret not, organising your collection only sounds like a humongous task; with the following tips in place, it will surely transform into a fun, therapeutic, and hassle-free decluttering activity:

  1. Invest in a good jewellery box:

Narayani Pearl Dori Set

A good jewellery box takes little space, looks aesthetically pleasing, and neatly stores all your jewellery. It can sit silently on the corner of your dressing table while adding a beautiful touch to the whole set-up. Additionally, it also protects the kundan imitation jewellery from environmental damage. You can buy as many jewellery boxes as you need, sort out all your pieces, and then stack them up in the form of tiers to save space.

  1. Organise your jewellery according to a theme:

Adaaonwali Maangtika in Ruby / Emerald

Building on the previous point, segregate your jewellery pieces according to a particular theme. This theme could be similar colour palette, statement and casual pieces, type of metal used, degree of grandeur, traditional and western accessories, and so on. You could either use jewellery boxes or stackable trays to organise each thematic bucket of jewellery into a specific box or tray.

  1. Store all your everyday essentials separately:

Uncut Diamond Ring In Rose Gold

Regardless of what theme you use to sort out your jewellery, ensure that your everyday essentials are stored separately. Since you’ll be using them on a day-to-day basis, it is better to have them handy separately and not having to look through all your boxes/trays for that one specific ring or necklace.

  1. Use jewellery trays to compartmentalise your artificial jewellery:

Iconic Doublets in Gold Polish

Jewellery trays are another excellent option to store multiple pieces all together, while having each of them further segregated through dividers. Based on your theme, you can organise all your artificial jewellery such as contemporary earrings and store them away in your drawer for future use.

  1. Get stackable organiser trays to store all your pieces together:

Bhumika Polki Kada

Extending the previous point further, you can get multiple jewellery trays that can be stacked on top of each other. These can either go in your drawer, where one drawer dedicatedly stores your entire collection, or on the corner of your dressing table if you don’t have a drawer. The stacked trays don’t take much space either ways!

There you have it! The complex task of organising jewellery, broken down into very simple activities! We hope these tips help you sort all your jewellery out the next time you decide to style your outfit with beautiful accessories.