A Quick Guide to Buying Fascinating Headgears

Headgears are the secret superstars of the accessory world. They are not very well known and famous, but once you discover their power, your life changes completely. Explosions of fashion and style occur daily in your life, and everyone has to do a double-take when you walk down the street. Long story short, headgears are a must-explore accessory for all those who want to amp up their style statements but don’t know what to do about it.

We have created a simple and quick guide for you to help you navigate through the realm of headgears and help you choose where to start. Read on to find out your following favorite pieces of artificial jewelry:

  1. Sulekha hair chain:

Sulekha Hair Chain

Elevate your traditional earrings with this gorgeous hair chain with an easy-to-wear hook. The three chains in each piece are layered with beautiful dainty pearls. But, when the whole look comes together, the gold and pearls make your visage look drop-dead gorgeous. This will surely be your next wedding fix

  1. Bhakti Maangtikka:

Bhakti Maangtika

If you are looking for a versatile maangtikka that adds a traditional glam to any Indian outfit, your search ends here. Embedded with rubies, polkis, pearls, and emeralds, this maangtikka is a classic combination of the best Indian jewellery heritage. Your traditional styles will surely love this complementing accessory! It would be the perfect companion to your heavy kundan bridal jewellery pieces.

  1. Anarkali Sheeshpatti:

Anarkali Sheeshpatti

Ever thought you could get a headgear and a necklace at the price of one? Well, now you do! A beautiful, dainty, and minimalistic sheeshpatti, this piece can be worn as an equally attractive necklace. The linear design and soft gold color make it extremely light and versatile. It looks great on Indian and western outfits!

  1. Tri emerald maangtikka:

Tri Emerald Maangtika

A masterclass in the department of minimalistic and sophisticated ethnic jewellery, this maangtikka is embedded with beautiful emeralds framed by dainty diamonds. It’s perfect for wedding events that require the full blow traditional Indian look without its accompanying ornate grandeur.

All these beautiful headgears are available to shop on our website, which is just a click away. Your claim to a fashion victory is also just a click away!