4 Tips To Avoid Styling Mistakes With Fashion Jewellery

Fashion faux pas is common for both first-time stylers and experienced fashion enthusiasts. Accessories, in particular, can make or mar your style. Due to their diversity, it is very easy to get lured into styling anything and everything with anything and everything! This can lead to gaudy disasters and is a definite no from the fashion police. Correctly accessorising your outfit can elevate your look and complete it with finer detailing, like pairing it with fancy diamond earrings. Hence, you must focus on getting it right!

In this blog, we’ll give you a snapshot of 4 common styling mistakes in fashion jewellery and help you with tips to avoid them. By the end of it, you will be knowledgeable and confident enough never to get your accessories game wrong!

  1. Less is always better:

Simple Gold Polki Haar

The variety in accessories is often tempting, luring you into layering multiple accessories despite serving no style purpose. Instead, opt for minimal styling of fashion jewellery. Layering is fashionable but only with the right pieces and outfits. Feel free to stack multiple pendant chains with a simple tee. However, for Indian outfits, it’s much better to choose pretty earrings with a subtle neckpiece.

  1. Choose either statement earrings or heavy neck pieces:

Chetna Statement Earrings | Tribal Jewellery

The only no-no you need to keep in mind to style your fashion jewellery is this: never pair large dangler earrings with equally heavy necklaces. Choose one of them and go minimalistic for the other. This will save you a lot of gaudy and garish looks!

  1. Style as per the occasion:

4 Layer Diamond Set

Don’t wear diamond jewellery for a casual day out or oxidised earrings for a formal evening party. Keep the occasion in mind before styling your accessories. You want to stand apart from the crowd for your fashion game but not look like the odd one out for your fashion disaster!

  1. Don’t forget to include your hair:

Baano Jadaau Tika

People often look at the hair and the visage as a separate canvas for wearing accessories. However, this can lead to gaudy and overbearing looks. Instead, choose your hairstyle first and then wear your accessories accordingly, you can buy diamond sheeshpatti online which are really pretty accerssories. If your hairstyle has multiple fashion clips or hairpins, go subtle with your accessories. If you are opting for a loose bun or half-up hair, you can go heavy on the earrings.

The next time you have to style yourself for an event, let these tips keep you far away from any kind of fashion faux pas. To find the best fashion jewellery for your closet, head to our website and discover our online store.