5 Indian Bracelet Designs That Can Uplift Any Outfit

We cannot stress this enough; bracelets are the details you didn't know you needed in every outfit! For some forsaken reason, it is often an overlooked accessory despite being so helpful in completing a look. Some dainty, some heavy, bracelets come in various designs and patterns. Hence they make such a good investment; their ample diversity gives you a lot of choices to style and accessorises your outfits!

In this blog, we’ll take you through 6 bracelet designs that are guaranteed to add ‘chaar chaand’ to your outfit and serve as the ultimate glue to seal your fashion envelope! Read on to find out more:

  1. Devi polki tennis bracelet:

Devi Polki Tennis Bracelet

For the first time, you have the elegance of a tennis bracelet infused with the regal aura of polkis in a flower-cut design. You wouldn’t want to miss out on investing in this one-of-its-kind bracelet! The gorgeous ethnic jewellery bracelet is heavy in design but super light to wear, making it the perfect accessory to nail a fashion statement.

  1. Erum Dasti:

Erum Dasti

Look no further for an accessory that truly makes you feel like a queen! Our navratna Erum Dasti bracelet is enough to elevate all things Indian, right from a simple kurti to a traditional lehenga. Available in emerald and ruby options, this thick bracelet is laden with linear beads and stone embellishments that create a thorough masterpiece.

  1. Triloka traditional kada:

Triloka Traditional Kada

This is a rare find if you are looking for that versatile Kada that goes with every Indian and western outfit! The triloka traditional Kada is designed with intricate gold work whose minimalistic appeal can accentuate Indian and western dresses. You will thank us for this addition to your accessory closet! This is going to blend it well with kundan imitation jewellery as well.

  1. Nimisha uncut polki bangle in gold polish:

Nimisha Uncut Polki Bangle in Gold Polish

What’s there to not love about uncut polkis? These eye-catching stones, replete with their signature fine polish, striking shine, and versatility, are all packaged into one stunning bracelet. The diamond frame only adds to the beauty and elegance of this bracelet!

  1. Bina uncut polki pacheli:

Bina Uncut Polki Pacheli

Want to add a statement piece to your jewellery collection that is worthy of an ‘heirloom’ status? The Bina uncut polki pacheli is the right candidate. Uncut polkis are clustered in gorgeous panchelis polished with a dull gold to bring out connotations of tradition, heritage, and culture. This ornate bracelet will adorn your hands and legacy as a fashion enthusiast!

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