Here’s Why Handcrafted Artificial Jewellery is Synonymous With Quality

Handcrafted jewellery has captured the attention of global consumers for decades. Maybe it’s the incredibly personal touch of the craftsmen that make this jewellery, or maybe it is the unparalleled attention to detail; what is never contested is the fact that handcrafted jewellery such as kundan imitation jewellery is among the most sought-after type of jewellery. It’s sophisticated, it’s detailed, it’s intricate, and it’s a piece of culture and heritage you can cherish. In addition, it is as synonymous with quality as one can get!

If you want to add quality to your jewellery closet, you must get your hands on some statement handcrafted jewellery pieces. Their quality is par excellence, and each piece is made with so much love! In the points below, we have broken down 4 ways in which handcrafted artificial jewellery is just another name for quality jewellery:

  1. There is a face and story behind each piece:

Apoorva Big Bauble Polki Set

Every piece of handmade artificial jewellery tells the story of an artisan or designer. The designing process, the craftsmanship, the intricate details, the polishing, and the final finishing touches reflect a specific person, a name, a story, and a thought process. Hence, handmade artificial jewellery is enriched by the personality and craft of real people. This personal touch makes them a lot more valuable and of better quality.

  1. It does not use any mass production machinery:

Susheel Polki Chandbalis

As the name suggests, handmade jewellery does not use mass production machines and materials. Every piece is soldered, sawed, carved, and shaped with hands. This starkly contrasts with the devices that mass produce hundreds of units altogether. Individual artisans can only produce a limited number of pieces. The consequent attention to detail and exclusivity automatically puts handmade jewellery including simple artificial jewellery on a higher pedestal.

  1. It’s made with time and patience:

Alia Sheeshpatti

Who doesn’t like feeling unique and valued? When you wear handmade artificial jewellery, you automatically think that every second. Every piece is made with so much love, care, attention, and devotion! In the absence of machines, the artisans spend weeks perfecting one piece. The resulting fruit of time, patience, and labour is a token of love you can cherish forever.

  1. Every input is of stellar quality:

Erum Dasti

Artisans never compromise on the quality of the materials used while working on handmade jewellery. The jewellery represents their skills, labour, and competence. If they have to be proud of their work, they need to make sure it is a piece worthy of that pride. Hence, if you are buying a handmade piece, rest assured that the inputs will be of the highest quality!

When an artisan handcrafts your jewellery, their entire process is filled with hard work, dedication, personal touch, and material quality that exceeds standards. Artisans want to make jewellery that holds a semblance of the pride they feel after seeing the finished product. And only the best quality can hold this pride!