Durga Puja at Home? Try These Perfect Artificial Jewellery Pieces

Durga Puja is one of the most celebrated and exciting times of the year that can breathe life into the dullest of souls. The puja celebrates victory, courage, devotion, and strength with Maa Durga in her full glory. Incidentally, the puja also becomes a crucial time for ordinary people to celebrate the heritage of Indian fashion. It brings out some of the most stunning Indian looks, replete with traditional sarees and jewellery.

Even if you are celebrating Durga Puja at home, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be at the top of your puja fashion. Explore the following artificial jewellery options such as choker necklace set to elevate your Durga Puja looks:

  1. Tamara big bauble polki necklace set:

Tamara Big Bauble Polki Necklace Set

This stunning design is filled with large and magnificent polkis, perfect for a special occasion. It has an unconventional geometric design that lends it ample fashion points. Wear this with a simple saree to bring out the majestic spirit of Durga Puja in your outfit.

  1. Pavani long victorian polish haar with earrings:

Pavani Long Victorian Polish Haar with Earrings

A masterclass in royal jewellery, this haar looks as regal as it can get. The necklace is studded with uncut diamonds with doublets in a victorian fashion, while the earrings subtly complete the whole look. This set and its bright red colour are perfect for Durga Puja celebrations and can be worn with sarees or suits. If you are planning to buy artificial kundan jadau jewellery online, you should definitely stock up on sets like this.

  1. Dingli Dainty Choker Set

 Dingli Dainty Choker Set

If you are looking for something minimalistic and catchy, our dingli choker set is perfect for you. It is lined with beautiful pearls and has a flower motif at the centre. The earrings are equally minimalistic, with flower motifs and a pearl drop. Its soft golden wash makes the whole set look elegant, classy, and fit for puja.

  1. Sashi Long Pastel Earrings

Sashi Long Pastel Earrings | Tribal Jewellery | Banjaran Collection

This high-end and extraordinary pair of oxidised earrings are precisely what the fashionista in you needs for Durga Puja. It is massive in length and highly ornate, making for a jaw-dropping look. Rare layers of pastel make the earrings even more appealing. So, get these long Indian earrings online, and wear these confidently with your kurtis and sarees without worrying about styling them with neck pieces.

  1. Gulmohar 3 Drop Polki Jhumka

Gulmohar 3 Drop Polki Jhumka

For Indian occasions, one can never go wrong with jhumkas, can they? These earrings have 3 graduating levels of jhumkas with extensive pearl work surrounding them. Their bird motifs and metallic gold polish make them more ornate, grand, and eye-catching. The jhumkas are versatile and can be styled with any traditional Indian outfit for Durga Puja.

Durga Puja is just around the corner; don’t miss out on these fantastic beauties. Head to our online store and buy your favourite pieces today!