5 Jewellery Trends To Light Up Your Diwali

The festival of lights will bring much more than mere house decor this year, with the pandemic at an all-time low risk. It will also welcome many social gatherings and much-deserved family gatherings and get-togethers. You need to be at the top of your fashion game! With ethnic wear specifically, there is much scope for experimentation, with ongoing trends popping up every festive season. Diwali is no different; it is undoubtedly a major season for fashion trends to take over!

In this blog, we’ll take you through 5 jewellery trends for Diwali 2022 that you must check out. After all, what is fashion without accessories? Try out these styles for an ethnic look that will make everyone go ga-ga over your fashion sense:

  1. Go the classic way with Chaand Baalis:

Alma Chandbali

When it comes to traditional jewellery, you can never make a mistake with chaand baalis. These stunning earrings are ornate, intricate, and packed with Indian heritage. They are the perfect companions to rock any Diwali outfit and can be worn as standalone accessories owing to their overt regality. Their eye-catching designs make them a versatile visual delight! Pair them up with imitation gold bangles to create a grand look.

  1. Explore the world of pastels:

Gajaa Long Pastel Set In Polki

If you want to give off a more chic, youthful, and fresh vibe with your ethnic outfit, we highly recommend giving pastel colours a shot. Earrings and neckpieces studded with pastel stones, embraced with soft metal washes, are a great place to start. You can also stretch your choices to include unique pastel rings and embellished bracelets.

  1. Put on a royal heirloom piece:

Channa Ve Flexi Kada

This Diwali, go all out on royalty and regality with heirloom jewellery. Invest in a good royal heirloom piece that can be your hero accessory, the show's star, if you may! Heirloom pieces instantly elevate the entire look and feel of your ethnic outfit, adding a heavy layer of grace and grandeur. Isn’t that what a lit-up Diwali is all about?

  1. Experiment with ear chains:

Polki Ear Chain

For those willing to put on their experimental shoes, ear chains can be a lot of fun to explore. First, they have a great variety to help you find something of your preference. Second of all, they do the job of both face and hair accessories. The benefits of 2 for the price of 1 sound like an excellent deal for Diwali, right? Consider them while shopping for long Indian earrings online.

  1. Try a blend of pearls and polkis:

Gulbahaar Antique Gold Polish Polki Set with Pearls

Pearls and polkis are a classic masterclass in Indian heritage jewellery, making them an ideal choice for Diwali. You can find ample options in earrings, necklaces, rings, maang tikkas, bracelets, and kadas, that beautifully blend the elegance of pearls with the intricate charm of polkis. Go for a subtle gold or silver colour to have a versatile collection for every Diwali occasion.

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