6 Tips To Clean Your Artificial Indian Jewellery

This time of the year is all packed regarding fashion and jewellery. First, the festive season, and now, the wedding season, your fashion and accessory closet won't be getting a break for a while! Hence, it is imperative that you take care of all your jewellery properly to be in the best condition to wow everyone at your social gatherings. Although artificial Indian jewellery is relatively low-maintenance, you must still do some maintenance to preserve its allure and appeal.

Worry not; the following few tips will tell you all you need to know about cleaning and taking care of your artificial Indian jewellery:

Nazneen Rani Haar
  1. Get your cleaning routine right. For every piece of fake Indian jewellery like your choker necklace set, use a soft cloth and mild soapy water to remove excess dirt and bring back its polished look.

Saachi Empress Vintage Polki Set
  1. You can also use lemon water or white vinegar with a microfibre cloth to clean your jewellery after taking them off. These solutions work best for day-to-day light cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Silver jewellery can require a bit more work to restore its original shine. For this purpose, use a mix of charcoal and washing powder to clean each silver jewellery piece. Another solution is place them in a boiling hot concoction of water, baking soda, and a small piece of foil.

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  1. For coloured gemstones, use a soft brush that can clean out every cut-out edge and crevice of the stone.If you have recently bought ethnic jewellery online, make sure you start taking care of it from the very first usage.

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  1. Make sure to pat all your jewellery dry before storing them neatly, away from moisture, chemicals, perfumes, and creams.

  1. Invest in a good artificial jewellery polishing solution to restore the shine and lustre of your old jewellery pieces. A few swipes with cloth can then immediately make your jewellery look brand new!