Handpicked Party Wear Jewellery for the Upcoming Party Season

This time of the year is often laden with parties that are fun and glamorous. Right from formal office Christmas parties to the classic new year bashes, there is some other party invites to look forward to. Would you not want to recycle your old party looks for them now? While we completely recommend slow fashion and repeating the same clothes, we surely suggest getting innovative with styling them! Using the right accessories such as a cool pair of fancy diamond earrings, you can take any party outfit from 100 to 1000. And that is what this blog will help you do!

Be party-ready with these stunning accessories for the upcoming party season and make every outfit shine on the party floor:

  1. Curly oval statement earrings:

Curly Oval Statement Oversized Earrings

Bringing you a magnificent winner from our brand-new Aurora collection! These oversized statement earrings are all you need to scream elegant, classy, sassy bougie. A carefully polished gold plate adds to their poshness, while the geometric oversized design makes it as stylish as queen-ly.

  1. Cutting edge hoops:

Cutting Edge Hoops

Another lightweight finds from our Aurora collection; this statement hoop is perfect for those who love subtlety but still want to make heads turn. Its unconventional design, paired with generous gold plating, gives it an ideal edge in matters of style and statement.

  1. Why not pearls party wear earrings:

Why Not Pearls Party Wear Statement Earrings

Pearls. Chunky design. Gold plating. Oversized look. What more could you want from a pair of party-wear earrings that would soon become your go-to night-out accessory? These fusion statement earrings are an ode to glam that is classy and chic.You can also get party ready with a pearl choker necklace set.

  1. Glitter bomb party wear earrings:

Glitter Bomb Party Wear Earrings

Another masterclass in the art of minimalistic glamour, these glitter bomb earrings are quite true to their name. They pack two shimmering metal bombs and come in different colours. However, their delicate design and understated size are champions for those wishing to keep it simple but eye-catching.

  1. Boho dandelion statement ear cuff:

Boho Dandelion Statement EarCuff

It’s giving boho; it’s giving glam; it’s giving uniqueness; it’s giving high-end fashion; it’s giving statement! These dandelion-studded ear cuffs are meant for you to leave a fashionable mark on your next party. The gold plating is sophisticated and chic, while the pearl medley and ear cuff design is a definite head-turner.

These glamorous finds are easily available on our online store at www.attrangi.in. Take hold of your cart and start picking your favourites before they sell out!